Xiaomi warning for smartphone users: liquid UV screen protectors can damage your display

Xiaomi has issued a warning for smartphone users about screen protectors. According to the company, the liquid UV adhesive protectors could potentially damage your display, so beware of them. The warning is mostly relevant for curved phone users but it also affects the users who use the mentioned protectors.

Xiaomi shared the warning in a long post on X( formerly Twitter). The post revealed how these screen protectors can damage smartphones’ display.

Though most smartphones come with scratch-resistant glass, they still get scratched by falling or with hard materials like keys, or even coins in your pocket. So, most smartphone users use screen protectors to protect their devices from being scratched and damaged. There are different types of screen protectors available across a wide range of price points. The liquid UV adhesive protectors gained popularity recently, especially for curved phones. Now,  Xiaomi has issued a warning against these popular screen protectors.

Xiaomi has said that the liquid adhesive in the protector might seep into the charging port, speaker hole, physical keys, and battery cover. This will cause various issues in the device such as unexpected restarts, button malfunction, speaker noise, peeling of battery cover, and more.

Moreover, Xiaomi added that the liquid UV adhesive protectors could cause malfunctions, which would lead to a void of warranty. The company has advised users not to use liquid UV based glue or adhesive based screen protector instead they can opt for tempered glass, no-tempered, or electro-static films for screen protection.

Xiaomi’s message to users on liquid UV screen protectors:

Note: For a seamless experience on your curved display smartphones, we recommend considering alternatives to liquid UV adhesive protectors, as they may impact device functionality and potentially affect your warranty.

UV screen protectors

The UV protectors are widely used for curved screens as the traditional adhesive-based protectors were not fit for the design of the display. Though the UV protectors offer better coverage and durability, they can cause significant damage if it is not properly installed.

For users seeking protection without compromising warranty coverage, traditional screen protectors may be a safer alternative, despite offering limited defence against impacts.


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