WhatsApp’s top seven features coming to Android and iOS

WhatsApp is reportedly working on an array of new features for its users that could be released soon. Check the top 7 upcoming features soon.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It has over 2 billion active users worldwide. WhatsApp is reportedly working on an array of new features for its users that could be released soon.

Check out these top 7 upcoming features of WhatsApp.

Status Update

The Meta-owned app is reportedly working on a new voice status update function for its users. This feature will allow users to record a voice note and update it on their WhatsApp status. Contacts who see your status can respond to it using status reaction, just like they would in a regular chat.

The status profile ring function is already available for WhatsApp users. This feature will let users see a green ring around the contacts’ profile pictures if they updated their status.

Voice Notes Transcription

This feature will allow users to transcribe voice notes into text, making it easier to read and understand them. This feature is currently being tested in iOS.

Hands-free Camera Mode

Users can capture perfect photographs and videos without having to press the shutter button all the way down with the new Hands-free camera mode function. It makes taking picture simpler and easy.

WhatsApp Call Schedule

This feature will allow users to schedule WhatsApp calls in advance, making it easier to plan and organize calls with friends and family.

Transparent Emoji Keyboard

Users can add a transparent background to the emoji keyboard with this feature. It will let users see the text behind it and make it easier to choose the right emoji.

High-Quality Images

WhatsApp is aiming to make sure that photos and videos received through the app have a sharp, clear appearance. Your high-quality images can be sent straight if you don’t wish to alter them, maintaining the image quality.

Media Limit

WhatsApp is planning to raise the media sharing limit to 100 with a new upgrade. Currently, users are allowed to send a maximum of 30 images or videos at once. A beta test of the update is now underway.

WhatsApp aims to make the app more user friendly and provide a much better chatting experience than before with these new features.

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