WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: Do You Know You Can View Someone’s WhatsApp Status Secretly

Facebook owned Instant messaging app WhatsApp is becoming more popular day by day but still many of the users do not know about the use of many features of WhatsApp.

Like the WhatsApp status feature, it is one of the popular feature which helps us to share and look pictures in the app. But do you know that there is a way on WhatsApp, using which you will able to see a contact’s status and they won’t even know.

If you want to view anyone’s status secretly without them knowing then this trick will surely interest you.

If you are wondering how to do that then follow these steps, you can achieve this feat by only three steps:

>>First go to settings.

>>Now tap on Account then and tap on Privacy.

>>Here you will see the option of Read Receipts, and turn it off.

Now you are free to watch status of everyone anonymously. You should note that you have to turn off the Read Receipts’ feature until their status is active, otherwise you will be shown as a viewer on their status.

However, turning off the’ Read Receipts feature, no one will know about you seeing their WhatsApp status, but it will definitely change some of your settings.

Like Blue Tick will stop showing when you send a message and if someone sends you a message, they will also not see your blue tick either.

The status of contacts wont get updated in your app till the Read Receipts is off.

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