Shocking! Man orders Apple MacBook priced at Rs 76,000 from Flipkart, but receives speakers worth Rs 3000 instead

A man who ordered an Apple MacBook worth Rs 76,000 from Flipkart, was shocked after getting boat speakers worth only Rs 3,000 instead.

A man ordered an Apple MacBook worth Rs 76,000 from online shopping site Flipkart. However, he was dumbfounded after he opened the package to find boat speakers worth only Rs 3,000 instead of the MacBook he was waiting for. The Flipkart customer has shared the incident on X app (Twitter), and Reddit.

The man, Atharva Khandelwal, revealed that he had opted for the open delivery policy while ordering the MacBook. The Open Delivery Policy allows customers to open the package before handing over the OTP to the delivery executive. However, he made a mistake by sharing the OTP first before checking the package as the delivery executive insisted on taking the OTP before allowing him to inspect the order. He claimed that the delivery agent said he had to this as it is a “Flipkart protocol.”

After receiving the package, he was shocked to discover the boat speakers instead of the MacBook they had ordered. He said that he opened the package in the presence of the delivery executive at the Flipkart hub.

To back his product swapping case, the man has shared the video footage of the incident, in which a clear view of the delivery executive and the opening the package was recorded. The video also shows the executive admitting that he had received the wrong product.

The man has now been refunded for the product. However, the process was surely not easy as he faced many obstacles due to the “no returns policy” that applies to open box deliveries of Flipkart.

He said when he approached Flipkart for a refund or resolution. The retailer denied to process his request due to the “no returns policy” that applies to open box deliveries.

Later, he took to Twitter and Reddit to seek help and shared videos of the incident. Many users on these platforms expressed sympathy and offered advice on how to proceed, including retweeting his post to amplify his voice.

So, if you are ordering products from online shopping sites then practice caution while ordering and verify products before sharing OTP.

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