Here Are The Top-5 Features On WhatsApp In 2020; Use And Enjoy

Many updates and lots of great features have been included in the year 2020 on WhatsApp. Apart from this, the company has also updated many features that came in 2019. This year, WhatsApp has added very special and useful features like storage mode from payment management to dark mode and payment.

Let’s know about the top-5 features in 2020, have you experienced these features in your WhatsApp? But if you are not yet updated about these features, do not delay, update your WhatsApp immediately.

  • WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp has included WhatsApp payment system in its important features. With the help of its feature, you can send money to your friends and family members. Sending money from this will be as easy as sending a message on WhatsApp. However, at present, this facility is being given only to 2 crore Indian users. It is believed that in 2021 many changes can be made in it.

  • Advanced Search

The second feature of WhatsApp is the advanced search option. Users can search messages, gifs, video, audio, and other document files on WhatsApp separately. The option of photos, text, audio, gifs, videos, documents, and links is available as soon as you tap on the search. These users can quickly search any type of file. Apart from this, the files related to it also appear when searching the keyword.

  • Dark Mode

The third special feature of the year 2020 is WhatsApp Dark Mode. The eyes get a lot of comfort with this feature, and the phone battery is also saved. By enabling this feature, the background of all sections of WhatsApp becomes dark gray. For this, you have to tap on Chats in Settings. After tapping on the Theme in the Display section, users get three options Light, Dark, and System Default.

  • Group call limit

Before the introduction of this feature in WhatsApp, only four people could join the group video or voice calling option, but now this limit has been increased after the new update. Now you can make video call or audio call to 8 users simultaneously. This new update has proved to be very beneficial for the people amidst the corona epidemic.

  • Storage Management Tool

If your phone has increased storage due to WhatsApp, then you can easily delete large files. After the storage management tool comes on WhatsApp, you can see the forwarded photos, videos and files in the storage management section and delete them and clear the storage. You can also delete files larger than 5MB from here.


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