Google Search users can now create AI-powered images with text descriptions

Google has introduced a new AI-powered image generator feature for it's Search engine. It will create images using SGE tool.

Google has introduced a new Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator like AI-powered image generator feature for it’s Search engine. The new feature will let Google Search users create images according to their queries by using its Search Generative Experience (SGE) tool, that was first launched in May. However, the feature is currently available to Google’s Search Labs program users only in US. Additionally, the tool is only available to users who are 18 or older. It uses the Imagen family of AI models to generate images based on your query.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator was, which was launched in March, uses OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 model to create images from text prompts. Bing Image Creator has gained immense popularity upon its launch among users.

The new feature does not allow the generation of harmful or inappropriate images. The Google SGE has several safeguards to prevent this. Users cannot use the tool to create images that violate the company’s prohibited use policy for generative AI, or images that depict photorealistic faces or notable individuals.

According to Google, the SGE-generated images will be labeled and embedded with watermarking that will identify them as AI-images.

Moreover, the SGE can now generate written drafts from text prompts to help you get a quick start on your writing project, said Google.

How to use Google’s AI image generator

The feature can be accessed by Google Labs users in Us now. Later, it is expected to be available in other areas.

After it gets available in your country, you can sign up for Google Labs and gain access to the feature.

Step-1: Open the Google app on your Android phone

Step-2: Log in with your Google Account.

Step-3: Tap the Labs icon on the left corner.

Step-4: If it’s not there then you don’t need to worry as the option is currently not available for everyone.

Step-5: You can join the waitlist to access Labs by clicking on the Join Waitlist

Step-6: After you get access then find the Search Generative Experience and turn it on.

Step-7: Now, you can create images by using various text prompts on Google Search.

For example, “draw an image of a cat and dog walking hand-in-hand into the sunset.” Then you will see four different images based on it. You can then check these images by tapping on it or add further specific prompt as per your need.

Alternatively, SGE will also prompt you to create AI-generated images in Google Images sometimes when you search for inspiration using queries like “minimalist Halloween table settings” or “spooky dog house ideas.”

The new Google Search image generation feature is yet to arrive in India but you can still try SGE for AI-generated search results at the top of your search results.

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