Google has released a public beta of the new Coolwalk UI on the Play Store

San Francisco: Tech giant Google has released a public beta of the new Coolwalk UI on the Play Store with some new features and changes for users to try out.

Android Auto is an application which allows drivers to access music, media and navigation apps on car infotainment system screens by connecting their Android smartphones.

According to Android Central, earlier this year, Google revealed that it was preparing a major redesign for Android Auto.

While the Coolwalk design was expected to arrive over the summer, it did not, leaving users wondering when it would actually reach consumers.

Coolwalk was unveiled at Google I/O 2022 (an annual developer conference), bringing a dynamic split screen UI to Android Auto that would adjust to different screen sizes more effectively, according to the report.

The goal was to make the most important apps and features more easily accessible with a single tap, allowing drivers to concentrate more on the road.

As part of the features, it includes a split-screen UI in which the map will be placed closer to the driver in the new dashboard for improved reachability.

Users will also be able to change the map’s size, allowing it to fill the entire display if desired for a better view of their route, the report added.

The company has also redesigned the media card, allowing it to grow and shrink dynamically, such as when a new message comes in.

It will also let users quickly access Google Assistant suggestions for media with just a swipe.

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