Google Fit Update: Check Heart Rate By Placing Finger On Smartphone Flash Light

New Delhi: Keeping tabs on health through smartphones has become common in users. Mostly users are concerned with their heart rate during various activities throughout the day.

Many apps on Google Play Store claim to provide heart rate of users, but these apps are not accurate enough. However, Google has recently announced that users can check their heart rate by placing their finger on their smartphone’s flash light.

This feature will be available to users through Google FIT app, announced the company. Google will provide an update to its FIT app after which the users can avail this feature.

This feature will be initially available to Google pixel smartphone users. The pixel users are expected to receive the update till end of this month, revealed the company.

However, the company is yet to clarify whether Android devices manufactures by other companies will avail the feature or not.

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  1. Sumant Kumar Prusti says

    News items need close scrutiny of spelling mistakes as it reduces the flavour of the news content…..

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