Beware! You Might Fall Prey To New WhatsApp Voice Call Scam

If you are using WhatsApp then you must read this and need to be careful. So that, you may not fall prey to any scam as desperate scammers are sending different messages and audio files time and again to lure gullible people.

The scammers have now started sending WhatsApp audio files to different WhatsApp users and try to cheat them.

In a 1.30-minute audio file, which sent from an unknown number via WhatsApp, the stranger identifies himself as a customer care representative of WhatsApp and he is calling from the WhatsApp office in Delhi.

The stranger, in the audio recording which comes along with an image that talks about a random KBC lottery, goes on to say that an international lucky draw was conducted among the people of five countries like India, Nepal, Dubai, Yunnan, and Saudi Arab and your WhatsApp number has won a lottery ticket worth Rs 25 lakh. Then he requests to contact a Mumbai-based SBI branch to get the prize money.

The scammer can be heard requesting repeatedly to call the so-called branch manager only after saving the number on your phone and thought WhatsApp only.

You should not be swayed by the audio file and make any call to the so-called branch manager because he would ask you to deposit a registration fee or pay taxes to claim the lottery amount, which, if you pay, will definitely lose.

Sometimes, the scammers may even ask you to install an app, which will most likely be a remote desktop app, on your phone. If you install the app by mistake, then they may steal several secret details from your phone. They may come to know about your banking details, UPI pin, and other passwords if you have saved them on your phone.

In some cases, the scammers, if you call them via WhatsApp, might ask about your bank account details on the pretext of sending the prize money to your bank account.

Therefore, you need to be careful while receiving such WhatsApp voice calls and simply turn down the offer to remain free from any cyber fraud.

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