Beware! WhatsApp admin may go to jail if do any of these 5 things

If you are a WhatsApp user then you must be aware of the WhatsApp group, WhatsApp group admins who create WhatsApp groups and add people to the group.

The WhatsApp group admins have some rights and also have some extra responsibilities. In such a situation, if any illegal work is done on any group, then it is the responsibility of the group admin to stop and control such situation.

If you are a WhatsApp group admin then should know what kind of content is being shared in the group. Also what content should be shared on the group, otherwise you may have to jail. Keep the following five things in mind:

Do not share anti-national content on WhatsApp group

  • Do not share any anti-national content on WhatsApp group. Doing so can lead to the arrest of the group admin along with the content sharer. Also, in such a case, there can be jail. For example, a WhatsApp group admin of Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh was arrested for circulation of alleged “anti-national” messages in the social media platform.

Do not share personal images and videos on WhatsApp group

  • You should not share the personal photos and videos of any person on WhatsApp without his/her permission. This comes under the purview of crime. If you do so you will face legal action.

Provocation to violence on WhatsApp group

  • Police can arrest for making videos and photos insulting any religion on WhatsApp and provoking violence. And you may have to go to jail.

Do not share pornography on WhatsApp group

  • Sharing obscene things on WhatsApp groups is a crime. Sharing messages related to child pornography, prostitution on WhatsApp comes under the purview of crime. There is a provision of jail sentence for such cases.

Circulating fake news on WhatsApp group

  • The government is very strict against Fake News and Fake Content. Recently, a new rule has come for this, under which complaints can be made against those running fake news and fake accounts. Such an account is closed by WhatsApp. Along with this, a grievance redressal report has to be issued on a monthly basis.
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