Apple’s App Privacy Report: Here’s how you can check which apps tracking you

With the iOS 15 update, Apple has rolled a new feature called App Privacy Report which will help the users to track the apps that secretly access your data on your iPhone which includes your device camera, microphone, contacts and location.

Good news iPhone users! If you have an iPhone running on iOS 15 and above, then you can check the apps that’s tracking you. This new feature introduced by Apple will keep an eagle eye on apps accessing your data on your iPhone which includes your device camera, microphone, contacts and location.

The iOS 15 update though was announced by Apple in June during the WWDC 2021 event and rolled in September, but it didn’t include the feature to check the privacy report. The feature was finally rolled on December 13 which will allow the users to monitor which apps constantly access their information and can deny permission in case of need.

So if you have an iPhone that has been upgraded to iOS 15.2, then you will be able to check and stop apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc that might be tracking your location or secretly checking on your camera roll. The feature by default is disabled and users need to enable it to generate the privacy report.

How to enable Privacy report on iOS 15.2

  1. Go to Settings and tap on the Privacy button.
  2. Now scroll down to App Privacy Report.
  3. Now enable the feature by tapping on Turn On App Privacy Report.

You can check back in a few minutes to see which apps have been included in the report.

The App Privacy Report feature on iPhone allows the users to check permission usage, network activity, website network activity and the domain details that have been frequently contacted on your device. Post activating this feature you can follow the below steps to understand how it works.

How to understand information

  1. Tap on Settings and go to Privacy.
  2. Next scroll down to App Privacy Reports.
  3. You will find the Data and Sensor Access tab. Under this tab, Click on any app to check the timeline of different permissions accessed.
  4. To check which apps accessed certain domain, you can click on the domain under Most Contacted Domains section.

The App Network Activity and Most Contacted Domains sections have been designed to inform you if a particular domain is accessed by multiple domains.

The App Privacy Report collects and displays data of the last seven days according to your usage, but you can reset this information at any time you want. To reset, simply you have to go  to Settings > App Privacy Report > Turn Off App Privacy Report. To disable the feature, simply exit the app.

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