Apple Watch saves trail runner’s life after accidental fall

Apple Watch has done it again and helped to save a trail runner's life by calling an ambulance after he fell during a trail run.

San Francisco: Apple Watch has helped to save a trail runner’s life after falling during a run.

The Apple Watch called an ambulance after Robert Naess fell during a , reports AppleInsider.

Following a holiday, Naess decided to go for a trail run.

Despite being a keen runner and having covered the route numerous times, 59-year-old Naess slipped at one bend.

“The skid had Naess fall chest-first into the edge of a wall, before landing on the floor,” the report said.

The incident cracked multiple ribs, and collapsed one of his lungs.

He couldn’t get his iPhone out to contact an ambulance as he was in terrible pain and was having trouble breathing.

However, he was wearing an Apple Watch and was listening to podcasts via AirPods.

He made the call to the emergency services himself rather than waiting for Fall Detection to go into effect.

After about 15 minutes, he was taken to the hospital.

The Apple Watch has received numerous compliments for saving lives and assisting wearers in difficult circumstances.

Last month, a man had credited Apple Watch’s fall detection feature for saving his life by calling emergency services and his wife.

He fell from a ladder and hit his head, and his Apple Watch Series 8 called emergency services and his wife as the fall detection kicked in.

In February this year, an Apple Watch had helped to save the wearer’s life, by alerting about a racing pulse following a nap that led to a diagnosis of severe internal bleeding.

Also, in January, an Apple Watch had been credited for detecting undiagnosed heart blockage in a woman.

Meanwhile, in October last year, Apple Watch had helped to detect rare cancer in a 12-years old girl.

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