2 young doctors lose life due to GPS Error in Kerala

In a heartbreaking incident, two young doctors lost their lives after their car mistakenly entered a river, guided by GPS navigation.

Kerela: In a heartbreaking incident, two young doctors lost their lives due to a GPS error in Kerala. The accident took place after their Honda Civic mistakenly entered a river, guided by GPS navigation during heavy rainfall. The incident occurred at around 12:30 am on Sunday.

The accident took place Gothuruth area of Kerela’s Ernakulam district. The deceased were Dr. Advaith, aged 29, and Dr. Ajmal Asif, aged 29. A group of five doctors had been on their way back to Kodungallur from Kochi after celebrating Dr. Advaith’s birthday. The celebration took a tragic turn after their GPS led them into the water.

Dr. Gazi Thasbeer, one of the survivors, disclosed that the accident happened after they relied on the directions given by GPS. He admitted to using GPS but could not confirm whether it was a technical glitch or a human error.

Experts caution that during the monsoon season, GPS algorithms may redirect drivers to less crowded routes, but these routes may not necessarily be safer. Selecting the correct mode of travel on the map is crucial as it can make a significant difference in the navigation safety.

Dr. Ajmal hailed from Thrissur district while Dr Advaith was from Kollam. The three survivors, Jismon, Tamanna, and Dr Thabseer have been admitted to a Kochi hospital for medical care.Dr Advaith’s remains have been moved to the Kalamassery medical College, while Dr. Ajmal’s body awaits autopsy at the Thrissur Medical College.

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