YouTuber’s Fake Tiger Pranks On Animals Going Viral With Millions Of Viewership; Watch

Prank on animals with fake tiger by Thai YouTuber will definitely make you laugh and laugh. The YouTuber is also reportedly earning a lot due to these videos which are becoming very viral on social media. Millions of people have watched this video so far.

The YouTuber puts fake lions in front of animals and records their reactions. There are many occasions in the video where animals run away after seeing a fake tiger. At the same time, there were occasions where dogs bark and attack the tiger itself. In the video, YouTuber is seen pleading with animals after prank. Fake tiger prank videos have been uploaded to YouTube channel ‘Angel Naga’.

In a video shared four days ago, YouTuber pranks monkeys and dogs with his tiger toy. Here he has shown how animals are running scared and facing them after seeing the fake tiger.

Watch Video (Credit: Angel Naga)

The video has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube and has also been widely circulated on other social media platforms, with hundreds of amusing comments collected.

In another clip shared a day earlier, cats, along with dogs, are targets of mischief. There was a scene where a brave cat faced a lion. You can watch that clip at 0.38 seconds.

This video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. Many people find this video quite fun. While others wondered how urban dwelling animals learn to fear tigers.

At the same time, some people find this video to be fake. One user wrote, ‘Nah is clearly fake, monkey and dog are paid actors.’ Another user wrote, ‘I like to watch the last part of the video. Look how great it is. ‘

Watch Video (Credit: Angel Naga)

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