Youth detained for climbing atop Nata Mandap of Jagannath Temple, raises doubts over safety of the shrine

Puri: One Rakesh Hazra of West Bengal was detained by Puri Police for climbing atop Puri Jagannath Temple’s Nata Mandap (dancing hall) here on Monday.

Puri City DSP Janardan Padhi informed that Hazra was rescued by a team of Singha Dwara police and Fire Service personnel after being informed by a Chunra sevayat (temple servitor), who noticed him climbing on the Nata Mandap.

While the exact reason behind Rakesh Hazra’s climbing atop the Nata Mandap is yet to be known, the incident has raised question over the safety and security of the 12th-century shrine.

Recently too, police had detained a man for vandalizing Pithapuri, Kothabhoga, Satapuri and Thadapuri earthen ovens (chulhas) of the rosaghara inside the Shri Jagannatha Temple.

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