Watch how this injured cobra is given water, video will stun you

Whether a snake is small in appearance or big, seeing the condition of both, people mostly get scared. Therefore, whether human or animal, it considers its good to stay away from snakes. But now seeing the video, which has now surfaced on the social media, you will get goosebumps.

According to, the video has been filmed in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. Some people noticed a cobra near a temple and informed the forest department about this. A team of the forest department reached the spot and left it in a safe forest after rescuing it.

However, what was shocking the most is that one of the snake rescuers dared to give water to the snake. He took a water jar and quenched the thirst of the snake by giving it water from a very close point. The reptile also drank water very peacefully without harming anyone. Seeing this, everyone present at the spot was taken aback.

The video has been shared on the Twitter page of a journalist (@kumarayush21). Watch the video here:

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