VHF And PCR Vans Helped City Police During Cyclone

Bhubaneswar: Very High Frequency (VHF) communication system proved handy for the city police as mobile communication was snapped hours after the cyclone Fani made a landfall.

Police said that the VHF system not only helped them coordinating with the police stations but also came into the rescue of city residents in dire need of water. “All the vans of Police Control Room are equipped with VHF sets. The vans strolled in various areas and played an effective role in communication. People in dire need of water and other essential materials conveyed their message to the concerned control room through VHF,” said deputy commissioner of police, Anup Kumar Sahoo.

Cyclone Fani caused extensive damage to the mobile towers in the city leading to network outage. “We could avoid law and order situations arising of discontentment over relief and restoration process in the city through effective communication on VHF,” said a senior police official.

Police said that the PCR vans also played an instrumental role in relocating people to cyclone shelters in the city. “We had stocked adequate diesel for PCR vans and the PCR van staffs showed exemplary courage during the evacuation,” added the police official.

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