Odisha fishermen catch rare Telia fish, sell it for Rs 5.80 Lakh

Paradip: Few fishermen of Paradip have caught a rare variety of Ghol fish locally known as Telia which brought them a fortune of Rs 5.80 lakh.

A total of 11 Ghol fish were caught by the fisherman from the deep sea in Paradip. The largest fish in the haul weighed around 28 kilograms and its value for each kg is Rs 4200.

The fish, popularly known as Telia, is a rare variety of marine fish known for its medicinal values. When it was put to auction it fetched them a whopping Rs 5.80 lakh.

Telia is also known as Ghol fish and found in the deep sea. It goes by the biological name of Protonibea diacanthus. Also going by the name of black-spotted croaker, Telia is found in the Indo-Pacific region and has iron, iodine, magnesium, fluoride, selenium and taurine properties. The fish species is sought after for medicinal values by pharmaceutical companies which make use of its fin as well as skin. It is used for making various medicinal products and cosmetics too.

It is reported that a trader from Kolkata picked the rare marine fish.

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