Nuakhai 2020 to be celebrated abiding COVID restrictions on August 23

Balangir: This year the massive festival of western Odisha ‘Nuakhai’ will be observed on August 23. A release has been issued in this connection from Shailashree Palace in Balangir district of Odisha.

It has also been mentioned in the letter that in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, this year the festival will be celebrated abiding all the norms of COVID 19 issued by the Government.


As per reports, the ‘lagna’ of Nuakhai has been issued keeping in view the tradition and practice of the Patna state. Nuakhai will be celebrated on August 23 that is the fifth day of the ‘sukla’ bright fortnight in the Hindu month of Bhadraba, the Raj Purohit of Shailashree Palace intimated.

‘Nuakhai’ or Nabanna festival is celebrated to welcome the new paddy crop every year. On this auspicious day, farmers offer new grain to the deity to welcome the new crop. After having the new rice as the offering to the God, later in the afternoon people enjoy themselves organising dance, games etc.

As a significant feature of the festival, younger members seek blessings from their elders in the family as well as the village for good fortune.

People also greet each other with a new spirit in a ritual called ‘Nuakhai Bhet’ in local parlance on this day.

Report: Chittaranjan Mishra, Kalinga TV, Balangir

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