Newlywed couple from Odisha’s Nabarangpur stranded in Malaysia

Bhubaneswar: At a time when coronavirus is ruling the roost across the globe a newlywed couple from Nabarangpur district of Odisha is trapped in Malaysia. The youth and his wife, who had gone for Honeymoon, have urged Odisha Govt and Indian Govt to rescue them.

The couple has been stranded at the Kuala Lumpur Air Port in Malaysia since a last few days. They have requested through a whatsApp video.

As per reports, Pallabi Mishra, daughter of Gupteshwar Mishra of Ichhabatiguda in Nabarangpur district had married Shankar Haldar, son of Parimal Haldar of the same locality on February 26. Later, the newlywed couple flied to Malaysia on March 12 for honeymoon.

However, during the return trip the two got trapped due to coronavirus outbreak. They had booked tickets to fly from Kuala Lumpur on March 17. Yet, as all the flights were cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak they could not travel.

Later, they planned for a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and Singapore to Vishakapatnam, but again that flight also got cancelled for COVID 19.

The couple tried for the third time to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and Singapore to Amritsar, but this time also the flight cancelled for coronavirus.

Now, they have hardly any money left to return and living with utmost embarrassment. Accordingly, the couple has shot a video and sent it through WhatsApp requesting Odisha Govt as well as Indian Govt to rescue them. Their family members have also requested the Govt to help out the stranded couple to return India.

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  1. Nisha says

    They travelled out of India on 12th March for their honeymoon? By 12th March they must have been aware of the corona virus situation of the world and India but still dared to travel in the excitement of their honeymoon instead of cancelling their tickets.That’s a shame!

    1. bhabani prasad says

      This careless couple should not be treated. They should be kept in isolation till their death. Due to these idiots government as well as common people are getting into more danger.

      1. Dinabandhu says

        If honeymoon is more import for you then enjoy there with coronavirus. No need to cry. Shameless couple. No need to come to india and spread here.

    2. T.Pradhan says

      Shame on such careless irresponsible and stupid couple

    3. Sikruti says

      As all know how corona virus is spreading so rapidly, they knowingly go for their trip and how their parents are ?How they send their ward?Here Govt is facing how to rescue us from this deadly virus and there the couple were enjoying at Malaysia .When the Govt suggested to stay in isolation Did they obey it Now they expect Govt. To help them ……This is the strategy of our people ….For whom all will suffer…

    4. Saroj Padhi says

      Before going for honeymoon, they should have taken permission from Odisha government. But they didn’t think right to take permission, then why they are asking for help when they are in trouble. Very careless couple.

  2. Sandeep says

    Very irresponsible behaviour by the couple and family members. How could someone be so stupid to travel after such an outbreak?

    1. Anshuman Pradhan says

      Be there another few days n learn a lesson..No one ll help u nw. .Nonsense n disgusting people

      1. Ranjan says

        Most stupid couple of the year. Why govt will spend so much money for sending special flight to evacuate them… govt is worried for managing the uncontrollable Corona outbreak in the country….
        They should stay till end of corona outbreak…

  3. Ranjan says

    It seems the couple have no common sense. the couple and their family are now aware of the situations what is happening across the globe.

  4. Rohit says

    Don’t worry. Our honorable Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik will definitely look into this matter and would speak to external affairs minister at centre. Naveen Patnaik is available to help all odia.

    1. Anjan says

      Why odisha govt will help these stupid couple like they will spread virus once they come back

  5. Rohit says

    Perhaps they had booked tickets much earlier. They didn’t want to lose money. For their silly cheap mentality now facing problems. But we people should cooperate them at their difficult situation.

  6. Tazeen says

    Ye ki Katha jete bele February Ru kuha jauchi kuade jiba Ni… Chada February Katha March 1st Ru kuha jauchi kuade na jiba payin semane gale kemiti jiba bele Dara lagila nahi

  7. Priyabrata says

    Very good now do coronavirus will do honeymoon

    1. Papu says

      Knowing the risk they travelled and had their return tickets on 17th March so how come they lost all money in 3 days! I hope they have access to their savings bank account or use their parents or friends money.
      Rangila couple….now prepare to be quarantined.

      1. Manish says

        Amir log he ye log. Situation pata thi fir bhi honeymoon pe chale gaye. Government ne already declared kar dia tha ki jaroorat na ho to travel na kare. Fir bhi ye log gaye. Rahi baat paiso ki to amiro ko bheek mangne ki adat sabse jyada hoti he. Ab government de deti he injaiso ko to kyu na le. Jitna risk leke honeymoon gaye ho utna hi risk leke survive karo. Family ke pass utna paisa hoga isliye to international bheja honeymoon k liye. Ghar se NEFT karwa lo.

  8. Tanmoy Das says

    @nisha @Sandeep, it’s true they should cancel there tickets, anyway they are our own, we must rescue them as human being but Government has to take indefinite steps towards rescue as per COVID-19 prevention.
    @ news channel please pass this message to those couple “Hi couple u guys are really idiot’s”.

  9. Trideep says

    They should be stay put there as per their wish and continue their honeymoon

  10. Manjari says

    They were aware of the outbreak, but went anyway. Height of callousness. And these are the literate mass of this country. What were you thinking while you planned to go to a foreign infected country, amid the virus outbreak. No, this couple they knew exactly what can go wrong. And they might have thought, govt. will anyway bring us back if we get stuck at any part of the country. FOOLS. Adbhuta loka. Had it been HIV or something like this,I wouldn’t have reacted like this. But this is a highly contagious disease. You are putting a lot of people at risk by your sheer negligence.

  11. Chaitanya says

    Planning for honeymoon at such juncture was quite a wrong decision. Their parents could have stopped them.

  12. Bjnod says

    Govt is taking several steps and awareness programme about COVID-19.. but … knowingly they both went to show how they r rich in the society….but forgot the reality…. So sad and shame…Still help them

  13. Santosh Kumar Patra says

    They should stay there. Totally irresponsible couple. No need to help this type of people. After announcement how dare to go there.

  14. Amit says

    Wreckless act…how someone think of going abroad this travel on 12 of march, when the Covid 19 is its peak. how someone so stupid…In cuttack we strated quarantine n even not traveling in busses as well but you are planned to goin Malaysia. You’re such fooled respect to the country and it’s people..I think our government shouldn’t spend money on you…I don’t know what’s in your fate.. but I’m damn sure whenever you reaching odisha you never hesitate to apply 15k gratia against Covid 19 granted by State Govt

  15. Swati says

    Yes it’s totally their irresponsibility to go Malaysia for honeymoon where thousands of people cancelling their important tour due to outbreak of corona virus.surprisingly how their family members let them go that’s in 12th of march

    1. Sanghamitra says

      Stay there till 31st March. Do not come, ask ur parents to give money till that time and be safe urself to keep u isolated..

      1. Srinu says

        sheam you…

  16. T.Pradhan says

    Before going to Malaysia they must aware about the COVID -19 but still went for honeymoon clearly indicate their irresponsible and Childish behavior.Govt should not bother abt them now.Njoy honeymoon till death in Malaysia.

  17. Hemanta Bhoi says

    This is their own mistakes

  18. Tabrez says

    Going honeymoon abroad on 12th March…seriouslly ??.So stupid and Irresponsible act. Going honeymoon abroad doesnt make one high class. First try to be literatte wid ur act not by ur education.Auto wala wearing mask and using sanitizer way literate than you guys.


  19. Prasant says

    Such a irresponsible couple. Is there any location not suite for you in odisha or India so that you people are went to Kuala Lumpur to enjoy your honey enjoy with Corona virus.

  20. Satyadip says

    U guys just go to hell…..idots…Odisha govt. Shouldn’t allow them to enter into Odisha….bcoz they will bring the virus

  21. Biswa says

    These type of people everytime break the rules, let them be there so they could never do the same mistakes again.

  22. Alka Mahapatra says

    Now don’t b so inhuman guys…now that we are aware of their carelessness, we can’t leave them alone to die there, they too have a family who must b very worried about them… in this tragic situation, we must help them…Indians are meant to be full of humanity….then at least at this time of need we must help them and urge govt to take necessary steps for their return.

  23. Keya ghosh says

    Why they teavelled knowingly and now they want rescue from govt so that if they r infected then they will infect thousands indians ….strict action shoulx be taken and their entire family must be quarantined

  24. Mrutyunjay Patra says

    How our government allowed the couple to travel abroad on 12th march…. We are questioning only the couple.. Ok they are careless and they are the culprit what about the government, how can government still allows indian residents to fly abroad that too country like malaysia Philippines thailand… Shame on govt too

  25. Manoj Kumar says

    When you both know that the situation is going worst day by day and how you both dare to travel and more over how your parents allow you all to travel.
    I can’t see any way, just pray God. And be safe till the situation comes to normal.
    This much I can say. God bless you both.

    1. S.s. says

      Its not right at any cost,being adult ,you must understand its unnatural situation.
      The tension can be clearly seen on the face of our honourale P.M. at least we should care ourself…

  26. J Behera says

    The couple and family are irresponsible,so govt should not take any step.jaisi karni,aisi bharni.

  27. Sanjay says

    They should not be helped because by January whole eastern Asia has been affected and they travelled their in the month of March and demanding for their return, enough dude we are self quarantine at our home why don’t you quarantine yourself at Malaysia.

  28. M. Trilochan Rao says

    It has been along time our govt. and our well wisher media r doing many awarrness regarding to prevent the covid -19 but how could they went on 12 march to malaysia ,so carrless couples this is what our literare people r doing and now they r facing problems and requesting govt…it is lesson for them and lastly i request the indian and state govt. Please help them…….

  29. Reeta says

    Such a irresponsible persons they are.By knowing the situation they dare to travel on 12th march.For this type of stupidity other peoples are suffering.Disgusting couple.shame on them

  30. Sabyasachi Pattnaik says

    We should not be so harassed to distress odiya couple. They have not made any crime .They have not properly informed perhaps . our CM will do proper arrangements for the couple .Navin ji is the only who can rescue them from distress .

  31. Philo says

    How can you travel for Honey moon trip? Really a Careless couples. This is their responsibility. Don’t come to India unless you are fully recovered.

  32. Nisha says

    Totally ridiculous ppl.thy r saying in one of the video tht thy r b t getting foods, everything has bn closed but does just one week before on 12th of march everything is normal ovr thr so tht u ve gone over thr ??for such kind of ppl now inocent Indians r suffering, living with an awe locking down in home . did u ever obey the govt advice to avoid foreign tour?thn why should govt will spent money to rescue u ppl?on d same money govt will sanitize public PLC’s.shame on u ur family members..

  33. Debasis Nayak says

    On 12th March, 2020, they flew. At that time, we have already alerted not to go abroad. Still how they planned to go? . Airlines are also allowing free flight ticket cancellation. Still they flew. It is totally irresponsibility. Now they are requesting for help as they had ignored their own safety including their families and others at the time of fly to abroad.

    They should not ignore such alerts on corona at that time on 12th Mar.

    He is married and matured. How he ignored such critical alerts and now asking Government to help.

    1. Debasis Nayak says

      They should stay there in Malaysia, till corona stops its activities.

  34. NILIMA PARIDA says

    Are they mad!!
    People cancel their marriage and they are on honeymoon!! They should not allow to come

    1. Babu das says

      Tumar besi tanka achi, nahele Malaysia jaithanta ki. Au kichi tanka bapanku kuha debe, seithire gote choper kini deba. Udki paleiasiba, Naveen Babu tumaku falture ama tax payer mananka tanka kahniki khacha Karine, no office 31 March tak holiday, mun Hyderabad ru Balasore jauni, mo wife Balasore re achanti,Ea aila freedom fighter …..

  35. Raja says

    Real khatroon ke khiladi couple

  36. Pramod Pradhan says

    Economic slowdown will start soon. Tell your parents. ତୁମ ଘର ଲୋକ ହିଁ ତୁମକୁ ଉଦ୍ଧାର କରିପାରିବେ।
    ନହେଲେ ତୁମେ ନିଜେ ନିଜେ ଉଦ୍ଧାର ହେଇକି ସେଇଠି ଆଉ କେତେଦିନ Honeymoon kriki aasiba। Honeymoon zindabaad

  37. Debasis Nayak says

    They should stay there in Malaysia, till corona stops its activities.

    Then only they should be allowed to enter India or Odisha after full corona check/test.

    Also this couple should be monetary penalised as they ignored government’s alert of not going abroad due to corona outbreak. They should learn a lesson of such childish activity though a married and matured couple. A strange fact is.. How their parents allowed them to go abroad in this crucial time…

  38. Swagat Dev Prasad says

    Stupid couple How someone think of going abroad this time?? Such a shame act

  39. Nib says

    Kichi darkaar nahi semananku ferei aaniba,already Bhubaneswar halat jahaa,Eate crucial period re baha hebaku mana hela thik achii,honeymoon jibaku kemiti bahari parile,so irresponsible couple n their family members.Corona Ku aame atkei paribani But honeymoon Ku one or two month paeen postpone Kari hei thantaa.Se jahaa b hay ghara loko paisaa pathantu semane seithi thantu.Pura checkup pare allow karantu Odisha Ku feribaku.

  40. Deepika says

    I cant believe someone can be so stupid…where the whole world is self -isolating themselves in this situation ,how come they can plan hpneymoon outside india on 12th march ,just to save few money..and now by returning india they want to put everyone’s life in danger.

  41. Chakradhar jena says

    Jane ke time puchha tha kya ,Aapke liye Honeymoon itna important ho gaya, ab karo honeymoon in Malaysia airport.

  42. R.K Mishra says

    G.g hauthela janiki jauthala khela.

  43. Pabitra Kumar sarangi says

    For humanity they should be rescued.Total cost incurred for this purpose should be recovered from them and their parents.If rescue is not possible then government should arrange for their stay in Malaysia through the Indian embassy.All the expenditure should be collected from them or their parents.

  44. Prakash says

    Before leaving for any place , one should have known the situation the places where they should go till their return . But Carona virous is not spread overnight to the entire world , in this alarming situation how they go to Kualalumpur on 12 th March they & their families solely responsible for the current situation . No one should rescue them in this situation . It’s better to continue there .

  45. Saroj Padhi says

    Before going for honeymoon, they should have taken permission from Odisha government. But they didn’t think right to take permission, then why they are asking for help when they are in trouble. Very careless couple.

  46. Asis says

    Wishing the couple had a great irresponsible.. should not allow to Odisha at this point of time


    Better to stay there and take precaution…


    Please think of odissa people ..virus spreads to others please dnt cme back still vaccine comes …

  49. Lopamudra ray says

    Shame on u . For your fault crores of people cannot suffer.

  50. Pamod says

    All are the persons who have commented on the myalasia case are very unkind person . Keep yourself in their place and think

    1. Kabir says

      Bro , on 12th march everyone knows about the rapid growth of coronavirus…..till the decided to go out …was that decision right

  51. Vikash says

    Very very wrong decision guys taken you also conviction world u also know that, god bless u. Take care

  52. Mobalisha says

    After so many comments I am requesting you all please dnt taunt them… They have done the mistake.. But their mental condition is not in good situation right now … If we are going out side feeling fear, then they are watching lively all these conditions… And When they will return they will be in shock mode… So dnt make them punish and abuse… During marriage age all are not mature… Gradually all become… So without commenting help them….

  53. Kabir says

    Naluaaa gudaa aau

  54. Nilanjan says

    Good decision for our country

  55. manoranjan says

    we need to be very co operative. Find some way to help them as we are trying finding a way to help ourselves now. Now the fight with time and life. Be positive. Yes ,It is a very serious mistake

  56. Kshirod says

    Jaha hebar heigalani… Bhul ta karichanti…Hele bi semane ama Odia bhai, kemti safely asibe tk bhaba…auu gov ku b tweet Kari req kara…

  57. Anjan says

    Why odisha govt will help these stupid couple like they will spread virus once they come back

  58. Nayak says

    I think nobody loves to face the death…I think this is by mistake they have gone unknowingly….so, it would be better the government of ind or Odisha should take some action to help them to come back…and do their treatment…. according to it’s ability….thanks…

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