Missing parrot ‘Coco’ from Cuttack rescued in Bhubaneswar, Forest Dept takes possession: Watch

Bhubaneswar: The parrot named ‘Coco’ that was missing from Cuttack had been rescued by a family in Keshura area in Bhubaneswar. As the owner of the parrot had circulated about missing of the bird, the rescuer contacted her and handed it over to its owner. However, in the mean while Forest Department has taken possession of the bird as it is illegal to pet a parrot.

As per reports, the parrot had been rescued by Mamina Pradhan, wife of Manoj Kumar Swain of Kesura area of Bhubaneswar. She had rescued the Coco from the Puruni Maa temple area by the side of Kuakhai River in the capital city. Reportedly, the parrot was drenched in water and so was injured. After seeing it the woman rescued her and had kept at her house.

After getting missing news of the said parrot from media, she contacted the owner of the bird and handed her over to her.

However, the Forest Department officials visited house of the parrot owner and took possession of it as it is illegal to pet a parrot. Owner of the parrot Dr. Sasmita Behera handed it over to the Department.

As per reports, the parrot will be kept in Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar. Also, the parrot will be medically treated, the Forest officials said.

People are not allowed to pet parrot and keep in their house. This is a punishable offence. Whoever shall keep wild animals and birds will face legal action. In case we get complaint about any such incident, we will take action as per law, said Subhendu Kumar Pradhan of Forest Department.

It is to be noted that earlier Prof. Sasmita Behera of Cuttack had circulated leaflets promising people to pay Rs 5000 cash award who gives information about her missing pet parrot ‘Coco.’  She had also published advertisements on different newspapers and social media platforms regarding her pet parrot and the cash prize.

Behera had kept the parrot as pet whom she called ‘Coco.’ She was looking after the parrot with lots of love and care as her own child. However, it had gone missing recently, following which the entire family members were sad and worried. However, after getting the parrot back all the family members including Sasmita were happy. However, as legally parrot cannot be kept at home as pet, they had to hand it over to the Forest Department.

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  1. Parrot Lover says

    Forest Department needs to stick to their job to protect animals and forests and not chase down petty offenses like people keeping parrots as pets. The only reason that they are doing this is that they want a bribe offering from the family. Someone needs to go into these idiots offices and bash them up, that will knock some sense into these corrupt officers.

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