Man travels from Jajpur to Baripada on foot carrying sons on sling during lock down

Baripada: Lockdown has created a situation when scenes are being witnessed which were never seen before. In a bizarre development, a man carried his two sons on a sling and travelled from Jajur to Baripada on foot along with his wife and another son.

As per the reports, a man from Mayurbhanj, who was working in Jajpur before lock down was recently seen carrying his two sons on a sling. His two year old son was in one of the baskets of the sling while the other, a 3 year-old son was in the other. Besides, his wife and six year old son walked down along with him. They walked on foot for seven days to reach Morada of Mayurbhanj district. When the family approached Morada people witnessed the scene.

All of the said family were immidiately kept in quarantine in Morada and necessary arrangements were made for them.

It is to be noted that lockdown has made many families to suffer a lot. Yesterday a 56 year old Odia migrant died midway near Jaleswar when travelling to his native place in Kakatpur from West Bengal. An youth from Ganjam who was stranded in Surat of Gujarat was also reportedly killed in Surat after Police allegedly thrashed him black and blue. People, who were working outside are seen returning to their native places along with their families often on foot bearing much pain.

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