After malnutrition, now malaria scare in Nagada

Nagada child death due to malaria Jajpur: After the scourge of malnutrition that killed at least 19 children last year, residents of Nagada in Jajpur district now have to grapple with the menace of malaria menace.

A minor son of Jain Pradhan in the inaccessible village located on a hilltop allegedly died of malaria earlier this week, while Dakdhar Pradhan, the son of another local Jampo Pradhan, has been admitted to the Community Health Centre (CHC) in Jajpur Road with the ailment.

“He suffered from fever and diarrhea for a couple of days, but recovered later. But we had to admit him to the hospital again as he developed fever again,” said Guru Pradhan, the grandfather of Dakdhar.

He also alleged that many others in the village were affected by the vector-borne disease, but were deprived of medication as the doctors did not visit the area.

“Doctors visited the village regularly when many children died due to malnutrition last year. But, nobody visits the village now-a-days. As a result, we do not get medicine on time for any disease,” Pradhan added.

Following the death of more than 19 Juanga tribal kids due to malnutrition in July last year, which became a national issue, the state government had promptly announced a slew of developmental measures and welfare schemes for the village. However, the fresh deaths due to malaria suggest that delivery of health care services have not improved in the village despite all the media attention it received.

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