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Lady Constable from Odisha’s Sundergarh postpones marriage for Corona duty


Sundergarh: Hats off to this unsung Corona warrior.

Duty is primary and then comes anything else. It has been proved in the case of a lady cop from Odisha’s Sundergarh.

For Police constable Sunita Adha duty is more important than wedding. She has proved that duty is first. Odisha Deputy General of Police (DGP) intimated about it in a tweet today.

As per reports, lady constable Sunita Adha’s marriage had been scheduled on April 25. However, she preferred to postpone this most important social event of her life for her duty as a cop.

The post by DGP, Odisha reads: Another Sundergarh bride to postpone her wedding for Corona Duty is Constable Sunita Adha whose wedding was scheduled for 25.4. She would rather do “Duty “to make Birmitrapur safe for all .Our compliments to her.

  1. Ravi Kumar says

    Practicing is better than preaching it is said and constable Sunitha seems no stranger to it. Way ahead for a Happy wedding.

  2. Sukanta kanhar says

    She was already married….in photo she wears mangal on her hand

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