Dharmendra Pradhan Urges Railway Minister To Resume Shramik Special Trains From Odisha To Other States

Bhubaneswar: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan have urged to the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal for resumption of Shramik Special Train Services from Odisha to other states like Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra to facilitate the return of the migrant workers to their work places.

In his letter, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan have stated that, “As you would be aware, there was a mass exodus of migrant workers from states like Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra to Odisha in the wake of nation-wide Covid-19 lockdown.

As we resume our path to normalcy with the lifting of the nationwide lockdown, there is a need to resume rail services for migrant workers back to their workplaces. These workers have highlighted their plight due to unavailability of livelihood options and difficulty in travelling back to their workplace for rejoining work.”added Union Minister.

“I am informed that even though some employers are willing to offer bus transport service from Odisha, due to the prevailing monsoon conditions, a long and arduous journey via road is neither feasible nor safe for such long distances.

Keeping in mind the need to re-ignite our economy and the plight of migrant workers in Odisha who are in urgent need of livelihood, I request your personal intervention for restarting of Shramik Special Trains from Odisha to States like Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra at earliest,” Pradhan urged in the letter.

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