7th Pay Commission: Important information for all the central employees and pensioners; Read more

Central employees get treatment under the Central Government Health Scheme i.e CGHS Health Insurance Scheme. Central employees as well as pensioners also get this facility. Under the central government scheme, dependents of central employees also get its full benefits.

Under the scheme, employees and their dependents and pensioners are issued a plastic card called CGHS card. The scheme includes allopathic, homeopathic and AYUSH treatment systems. In this, the user gets a unique number. In addition, it contains information about name, blood group, ward, validity etc. A photo is also printed on this card. The safe custody of the CGHS card is the responsibility of the beneficiary and in case of loss of the card, the beneficiary is required to inform the police and CGHS officials.

You can apply here: Eligible serving employees and pensioners (can apply online on CGHS web portal www.cghs.nic.in and website www.cghs.gov.in. Also apply in wellness centres. For this, you have to fill a form and attach photo, ID proof etc.

Explain that under this scheme, the beneficiaries get the facility of cashless treatment. That is, the card holders do not have to pay for the expensive medicines given at the time of discharge after treatment in the hospital from their own pocket. Employees and pensioners can take advantage of this by going to the empaneled private hospitals under CGHS.

PPOs can be placed in ‘Digilocker’: Retired employees can now place their Pension Payment Order (PPO) in ‘Digilocker’. The central government has validated the e-copy of the pensioners if they do not have the original copy of the PPO. Retiring employees get pension only when this number is issued by the government.

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