7th Pay Commission: Government took this important decision for central employees

Amidst the Corona crisis, the Central Government has taken an important decision for the central employees on Wednesday. The government has decided that those employees whose parents have been affected by corona will be given 15 days special casual leave (SCL). Along with this, such family members who are dependent on the employee, even if they have been infected with COVID-19, the employee will get 15 days leave.

The Personnel Ministry has also issued orders to all the departments in this regard. The Ministry also said that after the expiry of casual leave, the employee can take additional leave in case of hospitalization of any family member or parent. The order states that ‘if any family member/parent is hospitalized after 15 days from the date of termination of SCL, an additional 15 days of SCL shall be granted till discharge from the hospital’.

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The order also states that if a government employee is COVID positive, he will be eligible for commuted leave of up to 20 days. Whether he is hospitalized or in home isolation, he will be given Commuted Leave/SCL/Earned Leave (EL) for a period of up to 20 days.

(Sources: jansatta.com)

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