7th Pay Commission: Good news! Modi government gave this big gift to central employees

The government has given several benefits to the Union employees this year on Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) and Leave Travel Concession (LTC). The government has taken several major decisions to make LTA and LTC facilities easier and to add more and more employees to it. The first decision was taken in the month of June. After this, the other two decisions have been taken only in October. The government says that these decisions will benefit the employees and will save both time and energy.

First of all, let’s talk about the decision taken in June, then the government decided that they would not need to give boarding pass while applying for LTA. Yet LTA claims could not be made without boarding passes. However, employees will have to give self-declaration instead. Employees can provide self-declaration with LTA claims. This information was given by the Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance (Finance Ministry).

At the same time, the government extended the LTC facility for two years to travel to Northeast, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Jammu and Kashmir. Employees will be paid paid travel allowance for LTC along with paid holidays.

After these two decisions, the government has introduced LTC voucher scheme for employees before Diwali to bring the economy back on track due to Corona crisis. In this, employees can buy goods or services of value equal to 3 times the rail or air fare in lieu of holidays. That is, you can take advantage of tax savings without traveling to any place.

However, for this, you have to buy such goods, which attract 12% GST. These include cars, laptops, TVs, fridges and smartphones. Let us know that if the central employees go under the LTA, then they get a claim on travel allowance. Employees can go for a walk with their family or alone.

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