13-feet-long King Cobra found In Gajapati District Of Odisha

Mohana: A 13 feet long huge King Cobra was found in Gajapati district of Odisha on Monday. The huge reptile was rescued from a drain, 20 meters away from the Chandipur forest bit house under the Chandragiri forest range of Mohana area in the district.

According to reports, the huge snake was of a rare species of King Cobra. It was first spotted by the locals in the drain in front of a high school. The locals said that they were in a panic as the snake was ill and remained there for about two days.

The worried locals reportedly informed the Chandragiri forest department to rescue the snake but no action was taken by the personnel.

At last, the locals informed the Berhampur snake help line members. The snake help line members rescued the King Cobra on Monday and released it in the forest.

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  1. Jiban says

    This is not python. It is king cobra

  2. Santosh says

    It’s a kingcobra pic

  3. saswata chowdhury says

    The picture is of a King Cobra and not an python.
    Please provide with correct informations.

  4. Sjhshehehhe says

    Everyone has head on the photo but no head of the snake.. unfair for the snake..

  5. hrushikesh Mahapatra says

    Thank you those people who would not try to kill..and think of genoricity and willing interest for rescuing the rare reptile king cobra
    This is the first listened fact of our local that a rare species still live… thanks god for your miracle creature and always blessed and long life like these creatures…

  6. hrushikesh Mahapatra says

    Forest department should take necessary steps for rescuing… this is the poor performance of our ODISHA government employee..I wish they are doing their duty very well and don’t harash people.. people have a lot of aspriants towards them so they show benevolent and helps with these bad situation…jay hind

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