Why most death occurs between 3 am to 4 am at night

There is no certain time for death and that can come at any time. We all know this eternal truth. Yet, some reports say most death occurs during night while the time span between 3 am to 4 am is the most vulnerable. Is it a fact? Here are the probable reasons if this mystery is a fact.

As per a research most hospital deaths occur between 3am to 4am. Even another research was conducted to find out why most deaths occur early in the morning just a few hours before sunrise. Here are the probable reasons as per reports.

As per some reports the hour between 3am to 4am is the time when immunity of the body is the most vulnerable. And if the following statement is to be believed some reports say that persons who face accidents in this time have high percentage chances of not surviving.

There are scientific as well as religious answers to this question.

Scientific reason

As per science, this is the time in a day when the body tries to prepare for the activities of the next day while the brain tries to dispose some information to give space to the future happenings of the next day.

Reports also have an answer to this query in regard to chemistry.

“At this time, adrenaline and anti-inflammatory hormones are at their lowest which causes airways to narrow. Spasm triggering compounds are also at the highest at this time and a person is more likely to die at this time according to Harvard medical research,” writes Opera News.

Religious reason

On the other hand there is a religious answer that says that the difference between spiritual world and earth is very thin at this hour and thus it is easy for one to transfer to the other world easily. Probably, that is the reason that the darkest of rituals are always done at around 3am to 4am.

Also, religious texts of some faiths prescribe to pray God at this time. Also, the most devilish rituals are performed at this time.

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    im a afca depression person but i find im going into a state of hopelessness and apathy about 11pm but this doesnt clear ussually till about 5am to some extent so i always try have coffee very late at night to try and lessen what id say is a likelly depression death

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    Jesus Died at 3pm, which is considered the holiest hour of the day. Satan mocks all things God, Demons gain in power during night fall and guess what time Demonic spirits are the strongest at, that’s right 3am.

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