Watch: Elephant climbs over iron fence in forest, video viral

A video of an elephant trying to climb over an iron fence in the forests of Karnataka is rapidly going viral over the Internet. Although it might seem impossible in the beginning, the tusker amazed the viewers by climbing over the fence that is high enough for any beast to cross.

The clip was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Supriya Sahu with the caption, “Speechless.” In the video, the elephant can be seen planting its forelimbs on the other side of the fence before carefully cross over it.

Watch Video Here:

The video has so far garnered more than 22.8k likes and thousands of comments. One person commented. “He could have broken the barriers easily. But he decided not to damage public property. A true Indian btw.” and another wrote, “Talent and adaptability! Two superb qualities exhibited in one video.” Third comment read, “School se bunk Marta hua #elephant dekha gya,” and another wrote, “When we can climb any mountain what kind of a no challenge are these fences. We can scale any of them.”

According to the director of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Mahesh Kumar, the incident took place in the Veeranahosally Range in Nagarahole near Mysuru, Karnataka. On November 16, when the animal was returning to the forest after crop raiding, the beast’s adorable activity was caught on camera.

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