WATCH: Woman recreates ‘Jawan’ scene in metro, dances to ‘Beqaraar karke hume yun na jaiye’

The viral video opens up to show a woman recreating the iconic ‘bandage-wrapped’ look of ‘Jawan’ and dancing inside the metro.

Shah Rukh Khan Starrer ‘Jawan’ continues to smash records at the box office even after 22 days of its release on September 7. Very often, we keep coming across viral videos where we see people dancing to the songs of the film and even enacting some of the iconic scenes in the movie.

One of the most loved scenes in the film is when SRK dances to ‘Beqaraar karke hume yun na jaiye’ inside a metro. Now, in a recent video that has surfaced online, a woman can be seen recreating SRK’s dance scene in ‘Jawan’ inside the metro.

The video opens up to show a woman recreating the iconic ‘bandage-wrapped’ look of ‘Jawan’ and dancing in the metro. She even wore an outfit similar to that of SRK’s in the scene. Her video has now gone viral and has garnered millions of likes. The video was shared by a social media influencer named Saheli Rudra. She can be seen matching every beat of the song and recreating SRK’s hook step from the scene.

Sharing the video on her Instagram, she captioned: “Lady Jawan.” Take a look at the video here:

Since getting shared a few days back on September 16, the video of the woman recreating the ‘Jawan’ scene in metro has already garnered over nine lakh views and four lakh likes. It has also gathered comments in thousands. Some of the comments on the post read, “Inka confidence level high hai manna padega,” “Jigra chahiye ese confidence ke sath dance karne mein,” “You are amazing. It’s superb,” and “”What a confidence level!,” among several others.

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