WATCH: Elderly man holds shares of L&T, Ultratech worth over Rs 100 crore, yet lives a simple life

The viral video is of an elderly man with simple lifestyle despite holding shares of prominent companies worth over Rs 100 crore.

In an age where simplicity is often overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of wealth, a viral video that has brought an inspiring figure to light. The video is of an elderly man whose lifestyle is an epitome of simplicity. Surprisingly, the elderly man with shares worth over 100 crore.

Shared originally on X (formerly Twitter) by Rajiv Mehta, the viral video showcases the elderly man’s holdings in prominent companies: Rs 80 crore in  L&T, Rs 21 crore in Ultratech Cement, and Rs 1 crore in Karnataka bank. What has captured the hearts of the netizens is not just his possessed wealth but also his unassuming way of life.

Since getting shared, the video has gained nearly four lakh views and numerous likes and comments. The video has also sparked discussions on wealth, lifestyle, and investment strategies. Netizens admire the man’s approach to investments and his resilience in avoiding impulsive decisions during market fluctuations.

Take a look at the video here:

Deepak Shenoy, the founder and CEO of Capital Mind, added his perspective to the narrative. He estimated that the assets include 27,000 L&T shares, Ultratech shares, and Karnataka bank shares to be worth approximately eight crore rupees, Rs 3.2 crores and Rs 10 lakh respectively.

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However, reactions to the viral video differ from person to person. While some applaud the man’s disciplined investment approach, others express concerns about his reluctance to sped his accumulated wealth. Some individuals find it challenging to transition from saving to spending, even when their financial condition permits more flexible expenditure.

Vinod Jhaveru, CEO at VKJ Investments, emphasized the importance of timely profit booking. He cautioned against holding onto shares of companies whose value has decreased over time, citing examples of investors clinging to shares of companies like Scindia and Unitech.

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