Watch video: Tamil Nadu fishermen and forest department rescue dolphins entangled in net

Officials of the forest department and fishermen in Tamil Nadu worked together to rescue a dolphin that was entangled in fishing nets.

A group of fishermen and employees from the forest department freed two dolphins that were entangled in fishing nets in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram on Wednesday.

A heartwarming video, shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, shows the fishermen detangling one of the dolphins from the net and then pushing it into the ocean so that it can swim away.

In the short video that has now gone viral, the fishermen can be seen working fast to untangle the dolphin from the nets. Once the nets are detangled, they take the fish back to the water. At first, the dolphin struggles a bit to swim back but eventually goes deep into the ocean.

It appears that the dolphin species in the video is the Indian Ocean humpback dolphin that is frequently spotted near shores in South India. These dolphins weigh between 150 to 200 kilogram which would mean that carrying them is not really easy. Perhaps, this explains why the fishermen had to drag it to the shore.

Supriya Sahu posted the video on her Twitter with the caption, “Tamil Nadu Forest Team & local fishermen successfully rescued and released two dolphins caught in a fishing net in keelkarai Range, Ramanathapuram District today.Great power of fruitful community engagement.We will honour these real Heroes.Kudos Jagdish, DFO Ramnad #TNForest”.

Watch the heartwarming video where the fishermen rescue the dolphin with help of forest department here:

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