WATCH: Amazing Idea! Maruti WagonR On Top Of Tata Sumo To Make Double Storey Car, Netizens Loves It

Many who love to travel and record their journey often post their vlogs on YouTube and other social media platforms. Some stun the Internet with their amazing take on modifying their vehicles as their ‘house on wheels.’ In the light of it, a YouTuber shared a video of his unique take on making a double storey car by placing a Maruti WagonR on top of Tata Sumo.

It is to be noted that it was actually an experiment video. The vlogger was trying to prove if doing so works or not.

Uploaded on YouTube channel ‘Crazy XYZ’, the vlogger brings an old Tata Sumo and explains his plan. He also brings an old Maruti WagonR and stars his experiment. Although he succeeds in placing the car on top of another and secure it with belts, the next step was to drive the Tata Sumo and prove if this was a fail or pass.

It was risky as the Tata Sumo placed on the roof of the big car weighed almost 800-900 kilograms. Therefore, the vlogger warned the viewers to not try these stunts at home as it is dangerous. He chose an empty field to conduct the experiment.

The YouTuber made sure to take all the safety measures while conducting the event. He wore a safety helmet and tightened his seat belt as he sits inside the car to drive it. He also drove the car at a very slow speed. While taking turns, he was very careful. He then mentioned that the body roll on the Sumo increased after placing the WagonR on top.

Although the experiment was successful, the vlogger said that it is still risky and better if not performed.

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