WATCH: Infant puts Mahindra Thar into D mode! What happens next will shock you

Leaving your kid unattended in your car might be really dangerous, be very careful, try never to do it, we are warning you because the video will shock you.

In this video the Infant puts Mahindra Thar into d mode.

The video shows how a Mahindra Thar starts rolling down on its own it also shows how the driver saves the Thar at the very last moment.

The driver/ video maker has warned never to leave an automatic car with the ignition on, unattended, and on neutral or d mode.

The video has been shared by “My Country My Ride”.

The owner shares his ordeal and narrates that he had left a 2-year old inside the car on the co-driver seat with the engine turned on.

The two-year-old managed to pull the gear lever from Park to Drive and alas the vehicle started moving forward.

The owner also advises people to attach kids seat to the car (which is compulsory in many foreign countries) or to make the kids sit in the rear seat so that they cannot fiddle with the controls.

Here is the video, WATCH it: 

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