Viral Video: Golden toilet found in traffic police’s mansion during corruption investigation

You may have seen many people weird choice in spending their many on ridiculous things to show of their extravagance hobby but have you ever seen a Toilet made of Gold.

Yes, its true, the Russian authorities have recently found a toilet bowl made up of gold in one of head traffic police’s lavatory during an  investigation of a bribery scheme running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. involved many traffic police officers.

The toilet bowl is made up of gold and the floor has matching marble. The police chief’s king-size residence is a modern-day elite home in southwestern Russia’s Stavropol region.

Police Colonel Alexei Safonov allegedly took bribes for issuing fake permits to businesses. According to Daily Mail, the cop was busted along with 35 of his officers who were accused of running a ‘Mafia gang’.

He has been detained in corruption charges and if he is found guilty, he now faces between eight and 15 years behind bars, reported The Moscow Times.

The investigative committee released footage of Mr Safonov’s lavish mansion with royality like interiors and lush green lawns, where luxury vehicles were parked.

Meanwhile, the photos of his ultra-extravagant residence and toilet have gone viral on social media.

A video shows the extravagant interiors, with extensive use of gold in furniture, kitchen drawers, wall art frames, and decorative pieces in the officers house. Among them the most surprising thing was the use of gold on the toilet bowl.

The 49-second video of the cop’s lavish mansion which was posted on YouTube on July 20 has received more than 4.95 lakh views and many comments in Russian.

Here is the video: (Courtesy: Youtube @Следственный комитет Российской Федерации)

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