Trained team successfully rescues bear from deep well, watch

Later the bear was released into its habitat in the Kalahandi South division

Nabarangpur: A trained team that is capable of rescuing wild animals in distress, especially bears, rescued a wild bear recently from a deep well. The incident took place in the Nabarangpur district of Odisha. The video of the rescue operation was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services Officer Susanta Nanda on Friday.

Sharing the video clip of the bear rescue Nanda captioned, “Trained bear rescue team from Nabrangpur, successfully rescuing a bear that had fallen in to an open well. Subsequently released in its habitat in Kalahandi South division. Kudos to the team.”

We can see in the video how efficiently the members of the rescue team are pulling the bear up from the open well. The exciting part in the clip is that how the team is putting the wild animal into the cage.

When rescuing a wild animal the problem is that though you rescue it, still it may bite. Hence, once you rescue it and bring it near you, ample prior arrangement should have been made so that even the wild animal turns wild and tries to bite, it should not be in a position to do so. In this video we can see how efficiently the team is putting the bear into the cage as soon as it was rescued and brought to the ground.

Reportedly, later the bear was released into its habitat in the Kalahandi South division.

The IFS officer also suggested in his tweet that it is time now to have a strict law to prevent open wells in wildlife habitat.

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