Man tries to pull off a stunt with cobras, Watch what happens next

Internet is filled with viral videos. Some are funny, some are cute but, many are also so scary to watch. Such a video of a man has amazed people, after he had a close escape from death by being bit by an angry king cobra.

The man in the now viral video is identified as Maaz Sayed from Sirsi, Karnataka. In the clip, Maaz can be seen crouching in front of three king cobras who are ready to strike. Maaz then tries to pull off some stunt by moving his hands and knees infront of them. However, in a blink, one of the cobra striked him on his left knee and refused to let go.

While sharing the video on Twitter IFS officer Susanta Nanda wrote, “This is just a horrific way of handling cobras. The snake considers the movements as threats and follows the movement. At times, the response can be fatal.”

Watch Video Here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 47.1k views and several comments by netizens expressing their dangerous feat.

Reportedly, Maaz could not escape unharmed from the incident and was hospitalised. His treatment is currently undergoing. President and Founder of Snakebite Healing and Education Society, Priyanka Kadam, shared a post on Facebook shedding light on the matter. On her post she wrote that Maaz had to receive 46 vials of anti-venom to recuperate from the snake bite.

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