Judge caught on camera kissing convict whose sentence she tried to reduce

They say ‘justice prevails,’ now it is fine as long as it prevails for good but what happens when the power is misused? In an unexpected incident, a Judge in Argentina was caught using her powers for all wrong reasons.

Mariel Suarez, an Argentinian judge, was caught on camera while kissing a convict named Cristian ‘Mai’ Bustos in jail on December 29, 2021. A week before the incident, Mariel who is a judge in the Chubut province tried to save Cristian from a life sentence during his hearing.

Cristian was convicted for the killing of a police officer named Leandro Roberts in 2009.

Mariel was part of the panel of judges in charge of deciding whether Cristian should get a life sentence over the murder case. Despite being told that he was a ‘highly dangerous prisoner,’ the judge was the only one in the panel who voted against the decision.

Now a video of the two in an intimate scenario has come forward and is doing round on the Internet.

Watch Clip Here:

However, despite her dissenting vote, Cristian was still handed a life term for the killing of Officer Roberts.

An officer who spotted them together in ‘inappropriate conduct’ reported her to his superiors. After which the authorities in Chubut Province have launched disciplinary proceedings over this matter.

Meanwhile, Mariel has denied any wrongdoing on her part. She claimed that she doesn’t have any sentimental relationship with the criminal and that she only met him because she is writing a book about his case.

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