Helicopter parked on Bengaluru road amid heavy traffic, Netizens amazed

In the viral picture it shows that the helicopter is parked near the office of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in eastern Bengaluru.

Bengaluru, known for its daily dose of unusual traffic incidents, recently witnessed a bizarre situation that left residents both astonished and amused. A user on X (formerly Twitter) shared a photo that captured the moment when a helicopter became an unexpected roadblock, triggering a significant traffic jam.

The peculiar scene unfolded near the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited office in eastern Bengaluru, where a khaki and blue-painted helicopter found itself parked in a narrow lane.

Onlookers gathered around, their expressions a mix of confusion and disbelief.

Users on X couldn’t help but chime in on this unusual situation. One user humorously commented, “Today, I told my boss I was late because a bird was crossing the road!”

One user wrote, “I won’t mind the traffic if this beast is in front of me.”

One of the X users identified the parked helicopter as part of Maldivian Defence Forces and asked why it is parked in the city.

Another X user said, “hal area residents can use this picture as an excuse to come late to work.”

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