Duo’s song on Delhi’s Air Pollution echoes across the internet; Watch

In the midst of hazardous air pollution in Delhi, a duo’s song has struck a chord with netizens, amassing millions of views on Instagram.

In the midst of the hazardous smog engulfing Delhi-NCR, a duo’s heartfelt song has struck a chord with netizens, amassing millions of views on Instagram. Shared by Nirbhay Garg, the video features him and a fellow singer passionately addressing the pressing issue of air pollution from a terrace.

The song vividly portrays the city under a metaphorical ‘dark blanket,’ emphasizing the adverse health effects residents are grappling with, such as ‘asthma and bronchitis.’ The singers also issued a plea, urging people to avoid visiting Delhi during this critical time.

In the caption accompanying the post, Garg underscored the exacerbation of pollution woes, attributing them to vehicular emissions, industrial activities, road dust, concrete batching, and the burning of paddy straw. He lamented the permanent tarnishing of the cherished essence of Diwali due to the escalating pollution, coupled with a prevailing sense of apathy in the face of this formidable threat.

The post, shared five days ago, has rapidly gained traction, accumulating over 1.7 million views along with numerous likes and comments. Netizens expressed their reactions, with one individual praising the video from the beginning to end, while another shared the conflicting emotions of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“WOW, what a voice,” exclaimed a third viewer, highlighting the duo’s impressive singing and compelling lyrics. A fourth commenter lauded the performance, describing it as both awesome in singing and lyrics.


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