Bride calls off marriage after groom’s hand touched her neck during garland exchange

In a bizzare incident, a bride called off the wedding after the groom’s hand touched her neck during the traditional garland exchange ceremony in Belthangady taluk’s Naravi town in Karnataka. Reportedly, the bride was so infuriated with the situation that she suddenly threw off the garland and walked away from the stage.

As per the reports, her family tried to calm her down but she did not listen and walked away from the marriage hall. Thereafter, being offended by the bride’s behaviour, the groom’s family decided to cancel the marriage. The angry bride then insisted that all the money spent on the wedding by her family should be returned by the groom’s family.

Following the whole scenario, an argument broke between both the families and took a grievous turn due to which the police had to intervene.

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  1. Yash Pal says

    Perhaps she did not like the groom and was looking for an excuse to call off the marriage.

    1. Parikshit Rao says


      1. Norbert says

        It is good that the marriage was called off,because if not then within months the bride would be back in her parents house and filing for divorce. Life during this time would be living he’ll for the groom and family, also accusations of harassment,torture, and demand of dowry would have been slapped on the groom and family most probably they would be in jail, trying to prove their innocence.

        1. Sukumar Ghosh says

          Either the girl is a psycho or she absolutely hated the guy, she was about to marry.

          1. Gaurav Arora says

            Very true

          2. Sai says

            Lucky guy Bach gaya

        2. Rabin says

          It is becoming common incidents nowadays that brides are
          harrassing grooms and their families at the slightest pretext. On the other hand, in this particular incidence, the bride’s family should repay the expenses incurred by the groom’s family and publicly apologize for the bride’s uncalled for behaviour.

          1. rishabh trivedi says


          2. Bjm kum says

            She has snake coiled up in her head. The groom is lucky saved from the coiled snake…

          3. Fodreck Nyongani says

            I totally agree that the bride’s family should refund all expenses by the groom’s side. But it is good the bride’s attitude was exposed before they got wedded

        3. Nikhil Baghel says

          Exactly, not only this she’ll be also getting alimony after divorce from the hard earned money of that guy. I think she’s just craving for attention.

      2. Kevin says

        Nasty situation ..whatever the reason..she should have called it off before the wedding day..and the audacity to ask for a reimbursement from the groom ..Cheeky bride

    2. Ankit Mehta says

      Very true bro

    3. Vicky says

      Yes, may be she is engaged with someone else. Hence , she has created such nonsense atmosphere to call off her wedding.

      1. Kshipra says

        How is this even news??????

    4. Srinath Bn says

      The reason given is very bizarre.

    5. Shweta says

      I think she did not like the garland.

      1. Sm says

        Now a days it has become a fashion for getting news headlines. But this is not the way.

    6. Jyoti Kochar says

      What happened these days … marriage is just a big business for girls …not a pious relationship …the bonding not developed naturally … artificial world only needs this type of things

    7. Tanveer Baig says

      True… That bust be some sort of forced marriage or she had some one else in her life

      1. Sm says


    8. आलोक कुमार says

      आज कल शादियों में लड़की और उसके घर वालों की गुंडागर्दी इतनी बढ़ गईं हैं कि ये बिना शादियों के ही रहें। मां बाप का अपनी लड़कियों पर कोई कंट्रोल नहीं है, इसमें इनकी मांओं का ज्यादा रोल है, वे इन्हें मां और पत्नी और बहु के लिए तैयार नहीं करती हैं।
      देश में जनसंख्या नियंत्रण का यह बिल्कुल सटीक उपाय है। अब समाज टूटने के कगार पर है।

      1. laxman says

        right decision is taken by bride. groom is rudly touched the bride groom should be patience and behav as a gentle man.

    9. Chandrasekhar M says

      Previously groom’s family used to harass bride’s family till completion of all marriage formalities. Now it is the turn of bride’s family harass the groom’s families. Cycle is changing. This is mainly due to social media and TV serials. No ethics are shown in TV serially especially PVT channels. Females are shown as villains and men are shown as helpless spectators. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Murali says


  3. MKA says

    That’s True. Or What Was She Expecting. A No Touch Relationship? What Was She Getting Married For?

    1. SIVAKUMAR says

      The couple may be given the option for counseling b4 taking the extreme step.

      1. B Raj says

        Earlier, husbands and lovers, now Groom should learm to get familiar with the mood of partner much before arranged marriage.

      2. Finny says

        The reasons for cancellation of wedding
        1) baldness
        2) drunkenness
        3 ) inappropriate touching
        4 ) uneducated grooms
        5 ) no photographer
        6 ) anything else under the sun

    2. Mohammed Alam says

      Whatever, Groom will be harrassed by IO intervening 498a, Males r more better comparatively, the legal authorities should not torture the males instead make a deep investigation on the brides side and make them compensate. Undue advantage is being taken by the women since they know they have more support from the govt.

      1. Naveen says

        I completely agree with you bro.
        The law is highly tilted in favour of women/girls when it is concerned to marital relationships

      2. Sm says

        Now a days it has become a

    3. Asbh says

      Mr. MKA or whatever then what do u think about marriage hmmm maybe his touch wasn’t appropriate according to the e bride what is your comment meant to

  4. Shyam says

    Good that the Groom’s family called off the wedding if not the groom’s life would have been a living hell.

    1. Aryan Singh says

      Thank God, My bro dodged a bullet. Otherwise, she would have ruined his and the groom’s family life. Such toxic feminity.

    2. Mohd Shahid says

      You are right !

  5. MS says

    Psycho bride

    1. Hp says


  6. R says

    What’s with all these women using the dumbest reasons to stop their weddings? Why not stop it much sooner if they didn’t like the guy? Why waste all that time? Also, why the hell do they agree to the wedding with someone they don’t like in the first place?

    Honestly the dude dodged a bullet.

    1. Unk says

      In some cases women are blackmailed and forced by their parents for marriage to a marriage or a particular person as a groom. Maybe that time her anger raised to its peak and she got angry. And about the money spent, it would be definitely dowry which is looted from the bride’s family. All this still happens in India if u guys forgot

      1. Fatma Uzer says

        I agree with you. People need to stop making judgements without knowing the whole story. Somehow they think they are qualified to judge and choose a side. They believe whatever is given to them is the only required information and there can be nothing else. They try to somehow vent their anger about something that is bothering them e.g. feminism in every case.

        1. Durja says

          The reason is loud and clear…he touched her neck. any other information that is hidden?

        2. Gaurav Arora says

          Yes..I am sure this was predecided in her HEAD

      2. Parth says

        If the grooms family had asked for dowry as per your imagination they should have agreed for the marriage. There is no reason of humiliating the groom in front of public. Anyway he is saved else he would have got harassed by this lady rest of his life.

        1. Sm says

          Now a days it has become a fashion for getting news headlines. But this is not the way.

          1. Ravikumar says

            The real picture is not clear.
            One should not be carried away by the bride’s accusation. Everything should be analyed critically.

  7. Bhaskara Sarma says

    She might have already prepared an alternative plan.

    1. BlacktailBilly says

      Women always have a backup plan. Always.

    2. Anju says

      Girls today are as shameless as the cruel men of earlier times..
      Laws should be put in place to punish this cruelty inflicted by girls and their families.

  8. Bung Singh Chongtham says

    Maybe she already had a relationship with another, trying to find an excuse.

    1. Suresh uchil says

      This must be a clear case of dowry issue. The bride might not be interested in the dowry demand by the parents or there should be a love affair with another

  9. Anniline Sudarshini Kawal says

    It’s common nowadays bro see runaway brides like this one.

    In our generation, the bridegrooms called the shots. Now, it’s the turn of the brides.

  10. Vinod says

    Maybe she wanted to be the un-touched virgin Mary/Nitya Kumari etc. All hogwash! She wanted an excuse to get out of this marriage. She chose a poor one.

    1. Hazel says

      Keep the Virgin Mary out of your comment about an asshole brides idiotic and bizarre behaviour. Act sarcastic without acting oversmart about someone else’s religion. I’m a Catholic and i find your comment offensive

      1. D says

        You should also cancel this discussion then

      2. DunkM says

        Mary took it in her pooper that’s why she was a virgin HAHAHAHA

  11. Somnath says

    Very lucky that marriage was cancelled on right time, instead of suffering for his whole life

    1. Chetan says

      Lucky guy, with Indian law hell bent on female side, it’s his luck he escaped after marriage debacle

  12. Aman says

    What if groom have left bride like this on wedding stage? Everyone become furious, feminists will become mad to punish groom.

  13. M S says

    Females can always identify the good or bad touch..i am sure she had a reason

    1. Rajeev A. says

      The groom is a lucky guy, dont worry bro, there is someone better for you

    2. So says

      She was getting married ,you feminist make up the shittiest excuses there can be.

    3. PY says

      Simp bkl chup

    4. Kartikeya Pandya says

      Bad touchMan what do you think they were going to do on their Suhagraat? Sing Mirabai’s Bhajan?

    5. Nivi says

      Very few replies seem unbiased. Most men in the comments seem to don’t understand good touch and bad touch related issues women have. That’s why Indians are nowadays heading for divorce sooner.
      As for Indian laws skewed in favor of men, if that were the case men and laws would address how porn and other toxic stuff adds to the nastiness women have to face sexually in marriages. And many other personal hygiene issues that men rarely address because they have forgotten or never been taught on how they think, touch, take care of their mental and physical health impacts the health of the relationship they have with their spouses or significant others.
      I agree with those commentators who are wise enough to understand that it’s better that the marriage didn’t happen for both parties. And the girl’s families in India should stop refusing to pay for all wedding costs, especially the costs associated with entertaining and gifting the groom’s barati. Whatever the bride spent on herself and her jwellery, outfits, etc, would be an unfair demand. But for food and all the groom’s side associated costs, I hope laws can make such nasty men pay for their nastiness. Mordern laws aren’t in favor of women, apart from dowry or inlaw based manipulations, there aren’t laws that address creepy, sexually pervert or even sexual health uneducated marriage issues that impacts a woman’s overall health.
      Many Indian men are still stuck into porn or expecting woman to be their progeny propagator, free maid, free caretaker, with no likewise help from men in any way. If the bride is educated and working she also is free financer of family needs, some men won’t even spent money in taking care of the household things then.
      So good the bride said no, after all the things a woman has to consider after marriage, if a husband’s touch is repulsive or manipulative or harsh or cruel ( coz we don’t know here what exactly happened any of these could be possible- and yes it could have been an accidental mistake as well, but most times people do know difference between different kinds of touch. Especially Indian woman because they have to navigate such things from childhood from creepy relatives, sexually abusive people they may know from their own family, friends, acquaintances or experiences of their friends, and even the perverted gaze or touch of strangers in public places. So by the time someone is marrying they have atleast 1-2 decades of experiences navigating such nasty things. I support her for been self aware, and not subjugated by societal shame of cancelling a wedding ( I have regretted not cancelling mine after a similar and some worse additional experiences). We also don’t know what was transpiring between the two families before the wedding date. God and universe usually gives people subtle and not so subtle signs and experiences. The final nail on the coffin of th wedding was the touch, but he and or his family related things are likely too long to list on a sensation causing news headline and minimalism and less investigative journalism focused web news page.
      Kudos to the girl and I hope all Indian men or woman will learn to say no if someone raises their red flags about what makes them comfortable or uncomfortable in a relationship or marriage.

      1. Anonymously_normal says

        Woah! Too much assumptions isn’t it. A person’s touch cannot define his personality or his mentality in any way. This has to be an accidental touch cause why would anyone touch their to be future wife in a Harssing way? This has got nothing to do with the innocent family of the groom. Instead of calling out the bride for her worst privileged princess behaviour you choose to defame and assume that he crossed his barrier to sexually touch her and cheering for her like she achieved independence out of her pathetic future life and doged a bullet by standing up for herself. This is a clear drama queen who has not seen the hardships of life yet. The reality hasn’t hit her soon but it will. Don’t defend her by saying girls get Confused with touches because that’s all bullshit. Why the hell would you agree to a sacred relationship if you don’t plan to do it anyway and bail out at the last moment. Believe me the laws isn’t lenient for men as you think. Women get off easy when they commit the same crime and you refuse to acknowledge it.
        The only thing I agree with you is that this marriage never happened because if it did the groom would had spend the rest of his life in trauma stuck with an unbearable wife ever imagined. He surely dodged a massive bullet.

  14. Sajal Khanna says

    What’s the problem the woman had even if that was a bad touch?

    That man was her groom who was there to marry her

    They would have got into physical relationship anyway after marriage where man & woman touch each other without any inhibitions

    U can’t see the fault with bride

    U r a feminist whose only job is to find the fault with groom

    Sorry, my friend, u can’t influence everybody to agree with you and be a feminist like u

  15. Sharuma says

    Dal me kuch kala hai


    Ya see had an extraordinary spidey sense…that she was able to identify the nature of touch just in a couple of seconds while garland exhange! We got a spiderwoman

  17. Santosh Sulakhe says

    Too many lesbos going around these days

    1. Ayan Kumar says

      If a groom cancel the marriage citing immodest behaviour . He will be labelled narrow minded person

  18. Zainab says

    It’s female intuition.Female intuition is always correct.

  19. John Walker says

    Gosh, makes me dear about even thinking about getting married… Looks like I’d be better off marrying my cousin rather than marrying these girls who think of the most dumbest reasons possible to call of marriages and waste their parents’ money !

  20. Vishnu says

    Groom is so lucky, otherwise he has to do Tapasya and produce children without touching her..

  21. Suresh uchil says

    This must be a clear case of dowry issue. The bride might not be interested in the dowry demand by the parents or there should be a love affair with another

    1. Vinay Kulkarni says

      Then she should not agreed to marriage in first place. Why wait till garlanding

  22. Srinath Bn says

    The reason given is very bizarre.

  23. Rahul koparde says

    Plot for new movie 2 IDIOTS … call of the wedding and fall in love again…. please rest the feminism debate… save it for more serious issues.

  24. WhyUcare? says

    Way to go.. Bride’ parents must have said, “no touching stuff before marriage “. Maybe she takes that too seriously.

  25. Surya says

    At least the groom was saved from future huge problems.

  26. JusticeDelivered says

    Pls don’t come into conclusions as we were not present at the scene or witnessed it….

  27. JusticeDelivered says

    Pls don’t come into conclusions as we were not present at the scene or witnessed it….
    We Don’t know if it is an absurd act of feminism or hatred towards male chauvinism


    Ha ha! The bride might want some heroic shot at the time of garlend but felt that the groom made her fun.

  29. Chi Rao says

    The girl was having an affair with someone else for sure and looking for a reason to jump out of the marriage.

  30. Anju says

    Girls today are as shameless as the cruel men of earlier times..
    Laws should be put in place to punish this cruelty inflicted by girls and their families.

  31. Praaveen says

    This is what the exact happened with me.
    Luckily I was the other guy whom she broke the marriage and married me.

  32. Abcf says

    Tatti bride

  33. Vijay B Naik says

    God sent opportunity for the groom to save himself from disaster

  34. Shekhar says

    Touching her neck was a weird reason. She seems to be a lunatic or was high on weeds. If she was the reason for cancellation she is not allowed for any return of their expenses. Importantly nobody will marry her

  35. Harsh says

    In my openion it could be a scam that the bride promises to marry a man and then calls off the wedding and demand reimbursement. Or threaten to file legal complain

  36. Ravikumar says

    Lucky groom.

    If this had not occurred the lad would be tortured mentally ,physically ,financially and spiritually.

    Thank God for this atrocity. A case should be fifed against the bride’s family for demanding money. Girl’s parents’ should confirm their daughter’s stand before arranging their wedlock.

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