Bride asks groom to sign agreement on court paper not to do these things after marriage, video goes viral

Marriage is an important part of an individual’s life. All most everyone wants to make their marriage to be different from others. They take all possible steps to make their wedding a memorable one. They try to capture every single moment of their marriage on the cameras to treasure it for the rest of their lives. Several such wedding videos are also going viral on the internet.

An Instagram user has shared a short video of a bride on her Instagram page- makeupbybhumikasaj- with the caption ‘Have you ever heard of such contract based marriages.’

In the video, it can be seen that the bride is holding a big envelope on which it is written ‘confidential.’ When she is asked what she has kept inside the envelope, she is saying that she has kept a contract paper for her groom, which he has to sign before the marriage.

In the contract paper, which has been titled ‘love agreement between Kran and Harshu,’ she has asked the groom (whose name is Karan) to do the following things after their marriage.

  • Promise to always sound this bad in our won karoke nights
  • Promise to never spill out any spoiler of S.W.A.T
  • Promise to repeat the mantra “I Love You’ at least three times a day or more
  • Promise to never eat butter boneless chicken without you.
  • Promise that our “Teri Kasam” will always be a legitimate foundation of trust and no matter what we’ll never break it.
  • Promise to love, pamper, respect and treasure each other till death do us apart.

Watch the viral video here: (source: Instagram/makeupbybhumikasaj)

  1. KC says

    Promise to find new ways to become famous. That’s a fake 100 rupee non judiciary stamp paper. Trying this might get you into legal trouble with respect to modifying and using a fake government issue. (Even signatures are not genuine and promisary notes is void in absence of witness signatures)….yay i am getting good at studying law.

  2. Abraham says

    No God or trust in their marriage , Cort is their god., its called contractual marriage .

    1. Ankur goel says

      In hindu law ,I think marriage is not a contract but a devotion of love n respect ,mujhe lagta h eski sadi bhut jald tutagi hahah

  3. Akash says

    Everything girl does is yo yo……
    But if Boy asks one condition, he will be given n number of labels.

    1. Duzinla says

      I am law student and in my opinion I feel this is a disrespect to contracts. And I think she does not understand how important a contract actually is and what is the purpose of contracts in our constitution. She might land into some legal trouble for this…. Contracts are not the things you fool around with.

  4. Ajeet Ekbote says

    Promises are made to be broken , how naive can a girl be

  5. Joe says

    Go take a walk girl ! Stupid


    Such a stupid thing

  7. Jessica says

    Attention seeker, duh! As if that contract is valid. Even if he sign that paper, if realized he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, that is useless. Better start with a good foundation of love and trust. Not with that worthless written agreement. ✌️


    Need not contract ! Who asked bride to marry forced ? A marriage is relation between wife and husband , but not contract. Live-in- Relations are far better then this contract marriage . Poor innocent and oversmart girls . Who will carry their dead bodies after death as per contract ? Municipalities!

    1. Duzinla says

      No way.! I mean is this for real???

      1. Ismail Ravat says

        I think it’s just a joke, as every wedding has own way to make some joke’s….. it’s just like having some fun and laughs i don’t think she was serious

  9. anonymous says


  10. Chakravarthy M says

    Can they sign just one condition
    1.No false cases 498A to blackmail for alimony

  11. Neha says

    Bhak saale

  12. Ismail Ravat says

    I think it’s just a joke, as every wedding has own way to make some joke’s….. it’s just like having some fun and laughs i don’t think she was serious

  13. Ganesh says

    How is he going to sign this contract if its laminated?

  14. David says

    She’s very funny..

  15. Dadi says

    Wow thank you! finally someone who gets it. It’s just a cute joke between her and her husband. Ppl talking about how serious a contract is, claiming they are ‘student in law’ so they know better need to take a chill pill. And that is coming from a lawyer.
    Student in law…lmao

  16. Sumit Mazumdar says

    Ye sab doglapan hai

  17. Mahesh says

    This not marriage Atuly “live and relationship” in New look with leagal formation, cracking mental health of all new ganretion in featuring very

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