Bird rips snake’s eyes out in chilling video, watch

The post shared on Instagram has so far garnered more than 330,000 likes after getting shared in February

In a latest video a bird was seen ripping out the eyes of a snake by repeated pecking. The chilling video was uploaded to Instagram and it went viral.

Posted by latestkruger to Instagram in February the post has so far garnered more than 330,000 likes. In the caption the user wrote, “Bird rips snake’s eyes out as it t tries to escape.”

We can see in the short video clip that a snake is trying to escape while a bird is repeatedly pecking on its face. The bird has especially pecking into the eyes of the reptile and goes on doing so. After being attacked, perhaps the snake is not in a position to see anything. Yet, the bird goes on pecking till the end of the video.

The clip has also earned a number of comments from Insta users apart from a huge number of likes.

Here are a few important comments that netizens put for the article in this post on Instagram:

“Now do you see how much those eggs you ate meant to me?” Snake: “Dude, I can’t see anything.”

Why would you video this? Why didn’t you help?

Dang snakes starting to get soft out here lol

Deleted scene from Harry Potter and The chamber Of secrets

Shame that’s quiet sad. I know it’s nature but still sad to watch. What a sighting

Does the snake have something in its mouth? Perhaps an egg it got of the bird’s nest?

Watch the video here:

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