#ArrestLucknowGirl trends as viral video shows ‘badtameez’ woman slapping cab driver

A viral video of a woman constantly slapping and physically abusing a taxi driver in Awadh of Lucknow revolves all around the internet. A rage in the youth of the country has surge upon this matter, and the #ArrestLucknowGirl has taken over twitter within a few hours.

Ironically, a police officer can be seen present in the place of the incident while the taxi driver is beaten and humiliated in the middle of the street causing a traffic jam in addition. The woman was also seen damaging the driver’s phone.

The woman also pulled the collar of the driver and brought in front of the camera requesting bystanders to call for female cops. She also slapped the man who came to help the taxi driver, who was pleading for help and call the cops.

Twitter users have repeatedly demanded the authorities for an investigation into the assault case. Many have raised the voice by saying that everyone has the right to get equal justice, while many others have framed their points around feminism and equality saying. One Twitter user wrote, “Calling out feminists to support the cab driver in #Lucknow Assault case! He may not be famous but while men support feminist movements, men also deserve full support where warranted (sic).”

The exact reason behind the girl slapping the man repeatedly on the busy road is yet to be known.

Watch the video here:

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