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Angel doctor takes care of 6-month-old after his parents test COVID positive


At a time when even family members are keeping distance from their covid positive relatives, a doctor from Kerala has set an example of humanity. She did not hesitate even for a second to take take of a six month old baby, whose parents had been tested COVID positive. She took care of the baby for one month and handed over it to his parents lately.

In a rare instance of humanity a doctor from Kerala came forward to look after a 6-month-old infant after his parents tested positive for Coronavirus. The Kerala based doctor handed over the kid to his parents on Wednesday who were all praise for the angle medic for taking care of their baby for months.

As per reports, parents of the six-month-old hail from Ernakulam district of Kerala. They are nurses at a hospital in Gurgaon. The baby returned with his mother to Kerala after his father tested positive for Covid-19 in June.

In Kochi, the baby’s mother was in home quarantine along with her child during which she tested positive.

Accordingly, now the district child welfare committee were in search of a volunteer to look after the baby. However, nobody wanted to take the risk due to Corona infection fear. Even the families of the parents did not come.

At this juncture the angel medic, a clinical psychologist Dr. Mary came forward to help out. She discussed the matter with her family and they allowed her to take up the issue as a noble gesture.

Accordingly, on June 15, Dr Mary went to the hospital and took the baby to an empty flat in her apartment complex.

Dr Mary has three children of her own. However, her children would take meals to the flat Mary and the baby were staying in and leave the food outside the door. In this way days passed by. Dr. Mary regularly made video calls to the baby’s parents so that they can interact with their baby. And finally on Wednesday she handed over the baby to his parents who have been discharged now from the hospital.

After getting back her baby, mother of the infant was all praise for the angel doctor. She said that they were indebted to the doctor.

“The doctor was a godsend. Nobody would come forward to take care of a baby of a Covid-19 patient. I respect her as well as her family who supported her decision,” she reportedly said.

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