Unique ‘Rath Yatra’: Chariots pulling in Baripada today  

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Baripada: The chariots of the deities will be pulled in Mayurbhaj’s Baripada, which is known for its unique ‘Rath Yatra’, today.

As per the tradition, though the celebration of the Rath Yatra began yesterday along with Puri, the chariots will be pulled only today. The deities were brought to their respective chariots during the pahandi rituals yesterday.

While the Raths of Lord Balabhadra (Taladhwaja) and Devi Subhadra (Dwarpadalana) would be pulled today, their elder brother Lord Jagannath’s Nandighosh would roll tomorrow.

The uniqueness of the ‘Rath Yatra’ here lies in two special factors. First, the chariots’ procession completes here in three days unlike the single-day event at Puri. Second, only women are allowed to pull the rath (chariot) of Devi Subhadra.

The unique tradition started in 1975 when the district administration proclaimed on the occasion of International Women’s day that henceforth, only women were to pull Devi Subhadra’s rath.

Meanwhile, thousands of women have gathered to hold the sacred rope to pull Devi Subhadra’s chariot.

On the other hand, the district administration has made elaborate arrangement for the smooth conduct of the three-day Rath Yatra.

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