Student’s definition of marriage leaves netizens in splits

The perspective of people on many things differs from one to the other. For example, a child’s view on a topic is different from that of an adult. Children have innocent minds and they tend to understand things just as they see them. Sometimes their adorable answers may leave you stunned and on in splits.

An answer sheet of a student who was asked to answer the definition of marriage in a Social Studies test is going viral on various social media platforms. Answering the question which carried 10 marks, the students wrote that marriage takes place when parents feel their daughter is a big woman. According to the child, the parents would tell the girl, “We can’t feed you again. Better go and find a man who will start feeding you.” He further added that the girl would meet with a man whose parents shout at him to marry. “Please you are now a big man”. As per the kid, the man and the woman would test each other. Then they will decide to live together and start doing nonsense to have children, he wrote in his answer sheet.

The answer stunned the teacher and many others on the internet. The viral picture of the child’s answer showed that the teacher was clearly annoyed with the answer. The teacher has crossed out the answer of the student and remarked “nonsense” on the sheet.

Though the teacher did not like the answer of the student, Social media users seem to find it hilarious. The definition has gone viral on social media.

Here is the tweet: 

The picture was shared on Twitter by a user called Velu. The post has amassed 11.7 likes and 1942 retweets. The netizens flooded the post with comments.

One user wrote, “In fact it is the best description of marriage I have come across until now.” Another stated, “The last sentence is quite funny.”

Some users even agreed with the student and said that the kid was just being honest. “He spoke too much truth,” commented one user. Another user claimed, “You are a big woman now, we can’t feed you again” it hits home sound like what my parents will say to me.”

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  1. Norris Anthay Brown says

    Well I agree with one statement when she say ur grown and go find some to feed u. That if ur someone not doing right by the parents. No matter what if my children are there they there to they get married. But follow my rule are ur own ur own.

  2. Vijay Kumar Thambimuthu says

    Now we know that marriages are not made in heaven.

    1. Md Hilalul Islam says

      Although it looks funny but these are innocent facts.

  3. Benjamin Mwalali says

    These is true we only sugarcoat realities.

  4. Schola says

    I think according to this child’s definition, it’s like he has history from the community he lives in that when one gets old “big” the parents say the same. He’s there fore verbalizing loudly what’s in their community. I could hear of the same when I was little but I thank our teachers for giving us the meaning of education. Let teachers use this as an eye opener of the unspoken issues children are facing in the communities and help the kids overcome them

  5. Tiger says

    Can you speak English please? So we can understand what you’re saying!

  6. Winny says

    Wrong for the teacher to give a big x n comment, “NONSENSE,” there’s better ways of marking.

  7. Maxwell says

    But she was very honest with her answer , in our typical african culture that’s very true of parents telling you to get married , if I was her teacher 8/10 straight

  8. John says

    My view is that the teacher should not react the way he or she did. Embarrased the child. I dont think that topic was taught in that class therefore the child would not have got any knowledge of the subject but what he may have seen happened in his circle. To cross an x and say nonsence in red is not good. That teacher needs to be repromanded.

  9. Tmg says

    The child’s defination is a social commentry its not wrong but it wasnt an open question

  10. Benzebe says

    I don’t understand you people , the student is right as per the definition of marriage. (MARRIAGE IS THE UNION OF A MAN AND WOMAN OR COMING TOGETHER OF A MAN AND WOMAN TO LIVE AS ONE ). Wasn’t what the student defined but in a very simple way . This is how our teacher makes us timid by following a particular pattern instead of honest expression from student.

    Kudos to that student jareee…

  11. Macia says

    The child is right in the community where i come from when you are grown up man they tell you my get a woman we see i our grandchildren and likes to grown up lady go get married we want cows

  12. Joy says

    I think the teacher should be more polite and professional when marking student’s test papers. The student is only writing what he/she understand about marriage or at least at that specific subject. That is why boys and girls are discourage to get married in their younger age. Thus, as far as marking paper is concerned there are many ways to do it in order not to embarrassed the student. Adios✌️

  13. Ben says

    No matter, that’s the truth of life cycle. what we are now surely not exist for long. In my life I’ve experienced from the most animals they leave their spaces for new coming’s a fact for humans also..

  14. Alexis Hewitt says

    The teacher’s response reminds me of a professor who, in a seminar on how to treat students responses, showed us a still picture and asked us to describe what we saw.

    I held my hand up and spoke about the lack of representation of people who looked like myself and she barked “no” that not what I want you to see.

    I never uttered another word in that seminar.

    However, someone with great influence took her to task about her response.

    Someone needs to take this teacher to task about th3 grading of the student’s paper.

  15. HENRY says

    In one community, during negotiations, the girl is even told, now we have no bed for you here. Sometimes when a girls stsys beyond the community’s timeline expectations, these are the exact words, *you are eating alot go look for a man to feed you “the learner is echoing the society’s hidden/unspoken characteristics.

  16. Rohani Ariffin says

    Never ever say ‘Nonsense’ to a child’s answer, no matter how ridiculous it may appear to you, the teacher. Respect his honest opinion, respect his courage to express himself, and give him 9/10. The teacher expects a technical answer, the child gives a simple narrative. Nothing wrong there.

  17. becky's ninge says

    He is just a third grader trying to explain the definition of marriage. The teacher is stupid enough to degrade the student with such negative comment instead of correcting the mistakes and write positive comment..

  18. wura soho says

    I am interested in purchasing cadioton but my name is not accepted. It says wro g. Well that’s my name and number.

  19. Ana says

    The girl’s answer was influenced by the culture of the community where she grew up. The teacher should take this into consideration, or she has forgotten her lessons in Child Psychology?

  20. Netizen Kashmiri says

    The student is depicting the real picture of the so-called civilized/developed society. This is true of every household today. The Tea Cher should have reacted in a better way instead of putting a big CROSS. After all the piece of writing is an original one from the child far from root memory.

  21. Marcelle says

    It seems to me that this teacher has little experience in dealing with children. The child gave his experience in which there is some truth. He deserves at least 4 marks of 10.
    As a parent and a former teacher myself, I understand clearly his story. Teachers should never expect all children to think like them. If they do, then there would be no need for teachers.
    The word ‘Nonsense ‘ should never be on that child’s paper. He is not an idiot. His parents should be concerned with how he is treated in that class.

  22. Eva says

    This is a clever student. From this answer we get the facts on marriage: there’s a right age for marriage; parents are happy where there sons and daughters get spouses; marriage should be a source of happiness; marriage is an agreement; sex after marriage. The teacher could clarified to the learner that marriage is not bad or ‘nonsense’ when done by at the right time, it’s God ordained. 8/10 is what I could allocate

  23. Alex says

    The child even knows that both should get tested. Before doing nonsense….to get a kid.Teacher you r cruel to the kid. see me was good and 7/10 reasonable.

  24. Raji Saheed says

    As a teacher, I will mark the child right. Our community shouldn’t be of a particular stereotype. The key to all developed nations is their perceptions and views of what it can be. The teacher has failed as teacher to recognise the through nature of the child but demoralised him or her.

  25. Paramjeet Sohal says

    This is nonsense and Scripted a 3 std student doesn’t even know what marriage is and from writing it’s understood that it’s not written by a child also her name is a wonder to me never heard of such Surnames , people do what ever to be in limelight and others don’t even see before commenting….

  26. Dr Raza Haider says

    Brilliant answer by a child with pure mentality based on his perspective clean inference, observation conclusion and hypothetical theory to elaborate his concluded vision.
    Unmatched insane aggression of a teacher whom could not comprehend philosophy of truth and innosence.
    Strange enough the reaction being depicted by observing stance , teacher is undoubtedly sarcastic and unprofessional tuned with rigid and timid orchestrated concepts that sees object and things in scoops of constrained definition only.
    A complete intellectual deficiency of a teacher imbalancing the weighty vision of a child who is cordoning and developing his sense through aura of experience and exposure hence tunneling the same in to his understanding till it is mature enough to quantify and qualify intwrmsbof words worth and verb as phrases exceptable as definition.
    What a disgrace attitude and behavior of a teacher to undignify thinking and thought process of a sane developing mind who shal one day represent the earth with theories of the unseen though his era of groom vide journey from toddler to teen and therof adult and seasoned.

  27. Flex says

    He saying facts tho

  28. $ says

    Infact….that’s the correct picture and it called “behind the scene” basically……

  29. Dr says

    What was the need of asking stupid questions from students

  30. Fizza says

    I agree with student answer because it’s reality of our society
    I suggest to teacher please not call it” Non sense” because according to subject this statement is correct.

  31. Muiruri Njoroge says

    The teacher is not objective since it’s true from this perspective.However student need to be guided to understand from cultural and religious angle.

  32. Shuaibu yahya says

    I really appreciate the answer.
    My opinion is the teacher didn’t know the principle of teaching.

  33. Mae Angeline Dalayap says

    Reminds me when I was in highschool, my teacher asked us what would we want to become then I wrote a simple sentence on my paper ” I want to become a condom to minimize the population here in the Philippines.” Hahaha I got also zero score..If only my teacher would have asked a specific question then I would also given a specific answer. So the main point here is that the teacher would have also asked a specific question about marriage, partly the student had a point on his/her answer.

  34. Nweze says

    In real sense of it, the student got the answer correct … And got the answer from the background he is coming from. For a to reason deeply like show he is intelligent and should be rewarded with good mark and remarks. The teacher is a bad teacher by cancelling the answer with ‘nonsense ‘

  35. Ada says

    I think the teacher should apologize and go through the write up again and score the child 7/10.
    Is definition of marriage happened to me

  36. Sam says

    Could this be the reason for brides always happy during the wedding!

  37. PAUL OYOO says

    I wonder why the teacher marked that composition with bitterness. He/ she ought to have used a fair vocabulary instead of embarrassing the pupil. That marking is sort of demotivation.

  38. Didas Dismas says

    This is an open question, the teacher is very wrong here and needs to have clear understanding of his or her questions.

    If this question could be “what is the definition of marriage according to certain author, then the answer could be wrong but still it could not be right to hom to comment with the word used.

    We should help teachers to remember , books or the contents they teach are from different writers and with different views and perceptions on the said topic. This child in his context is very right and has even gone father than just giving a definition but also showing necessary stages to go through to a marriage to be attained.

    This to me is resulted from experiencial learning. To this student’s community marriage is what he has defined not what that teacher forced him to memorize.

    If this teacher’s lesson on marriage was well understood as to this kind of student the definition could be that of the teacher but this tells the lesson was not well taught and the students have the right to remain with their own understanding on what marriage is .

    This kind of teachers discourage inquiry, creative and experiential learning among students.

    I personally believe “teaching is an art”
    The teacher’s role is very much on guiding learners to the broad and clear understanding of the content without limiting their understanding on the taught content.

    It’s very important always to let students share with the teacher of what they understand on the content and guide them to where your syllables intend.

    With a proper approach and methodology (activity based teaching) this student’s answer could be more detailed than it is as it could have what the teacher thinks is right and what he has written which is obvious from his community perspective .

    The aim of education should help learners bring positive impact in their community.

    This student’s answer does not prove to me by any how that the child does not know what marriage is but the teacher’s mark and comment proves to me that when this lesson was taught the teacher didn’t attain his lesson objective and he believes in rote learning (memorization of content).

  39. Abdullah Khatri says

    I think what is written and meant is correct, except it’s in childish language if the same was wrote in arduous transcribe, I bet the teacher would have given 10 out of 10

  40. Nikhat alia says

    Bilkul sahi lokha hai bacche ne..Teachers p itna zada kaam ka load hota hai ki kuch teacher log bacchon ki bhavna ko hi nahi samajh patin..Ek baat batayen kuch teacher to dekh kar answer book se check karti hain aur kahti hain ki book se nahi lokhoge same answer to number nahi milenge..‍♀️

  41. Nikhat alia says

    Bilkul sahi likha hai bacche ne..Teacher ko cut nahi karna chahiye..Teachers p itna zada kaam ka load hota hai ki kuch teacher log bacchon ki bhavna ko hi nahi samajh patin..Ek baat batayen kuch teacher to dekh kar answer book se check karti hain aur kahti hain ki book se nahi lokhoge same answer to number nahi milenge..‍♀️

  42. Nikhat alia says

    Bilkul sahi likha hai bacche ne..Teacher ko cut nahi karna chahiye..Teachers p itna zada kaam ka load hota hai ki kuch teacher log bacchon ki bhavna ko hi nahi samajh patin..Ek baat batayen kuch teacher to dekh kar answer book se check karti hain aur kahti hain ki book se nahi likhoge same answer to number nahi milenge..‍♀️

  43. Edwina Meily says

    The teacher’s remark and way of checking the answer is way off! Teachers help their students learn and find ways to answer questions about life. If the student was not able to get the answer correctly, then the teacher should have given a more proactive remark. This shows how poor teachers are in their professional training. As a retired teacher, I feel I should never stop studying, learning, and educating myself. Teachers should inspire, motivate and encourage.

  44. Genius says

    I want to know that
    By the way he is absolutly right.
    Only the problem is

  45. Sajjad Hussain Rathore says

    The marriage is a beautiful relationship
    I like marriage
    But two more
    Am I right???

  46. Tesfa selassie says

    The Child’s Definition or answer to the question of marriage is more factual & better than the teacher & what the teacher thinks or thinkers shame on the teacher to rejects such a brilliant answer.
    nothing is wrong with what the child’s says
    a suh it guh fi real.
    you becomes of age now tine to move on
    help yourself now, you reach the age of marriage get married n start a family
    Marriage is the right way to go a secure relationship
    all of us should go down on the teacher to re-mark the test paper 10/10 pass mark
    it’s a test & the teacher wants to fail the student
    not good not nice teacher need more knowledge of marriage

  47. Alred Maurag says

    True in 3rd world countries wherein poverty and corruption is prevalent.

  48. Ajaz says

    The child wrote according to his observation i think

  49. Vicky says

    In the first place, why would they come up with this topic? How could a child knows what is marriage about when adults might still be searching for answers. And for this topic, how would you want to find a paper getting full marks? Or is the teacher finding answers through the papers?

  50. Tv100 news says

    I agree with the student’s answer because it’s the reality of our society
    I suggest to the teacher please not call it” Nonsense” because according to the subject this statement is correct.

  51. Thon says

    This student is very right.
    The teacher has to go for some trainings.

  52. Vincent says

    I sincerely believe that the teacher in question is a miss,ordinarily I didn’t see why the answer to that question is wrong.

  53. Joseph Anandaraj M says

    How an answer sheet published for public viewing? Is this LOGICAL and LEGAL?

  54. Saad says

    Nonsense that is biggest of all is to have kids in a nonsense way ,there are many orphans and helpless children whom we can adopt to spend time with children ,I think marriage should not be based on having children and all that ,a good partner Is one who has humanity not lust for anything that is common for everyone.

  55. PIUS KHALKHO says

    First of all,I think this question shouldn’t have been asked to a class 3 students, secondly , what answer do you expect from a class 3 kid ? I think that was a very honest answer from a kid of his age.

  56. Rizwana Zahid says

    The definition of marriage according to that student defines that community where he or she live there have no value of marriage otherwise the marriage is beautiful relationship that is first stage to build a sweet home.

  57. Mac says

    Can’t blame the student on hearing statement of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao …. inspired this student!
    All talks no action hence Indianwomen are left to fend for themselves

  58. Adnan says

    A very analytical process, of finding a partner for a woman and man. The culture expressed in a simple way. After hiding the sex part. Ten out of ten #s may be given. Mature and polite.

  59. Makingston Sangma says

    While learning English as the second language is not as easy as it is expected, when one at a very young age tried to make sense in such an understandable words open mindedly is deserved to be regarded as “genius” instead of “nonsense” I proud of that bravery writer !

  60. Hussein says

    This is interesting, in most cases, kids always say what they saw, A according to kid’s Answer,there’s a possibility that he has been watching all what he has mentioned, may be in the family or in the community,
    So sometimes teacher you have to think before getting annoyed of your student’s Answers, that’s why we have you at school, you’re the second parent when kids are under your custody. Just do the needful

  61. Bamidele Moses says

    The above script is never from any student. It’s the spurious work of someone who wished to amuse people online and thereby generate unnecessary traffic.

  62. Dur-e-shehwar says

    This happens in many areas of the world. You can’t marry by your will. Do that when people think you have to do it.
    But many parents now a day are giving their 100% to give their children a good life and future.

  63. Dur-e-shehwar says

    This happens in many areas of the world. You can’t marry by your will. Do that when people think you have to do it.
    But many parents now a day are giving their 100% to give their children a good life and future.

  64. Stella ifeoma Okeke says

    I think the kid is correct: he / she understands that marriage is between male and female; children come from marriage when both meet; one attain certain age before marriage.
    She/ he deserves good mark since the question is an open ended one. But the presentation funny

  65. Lakeside says

    The teacher should have not Cross the student book because there is point that makes the definition mean marriage he or she said two of them test themselves and they are happy and agree to live together. at least the point is coming together of a man and a woman to live as one

  66. Ludmillar Ilau says

    The student should be called on privately and consoled instead of writing comments on his/her piece .

  67. Vanhirtz says

    The teacher’s reply to the question as nonsense, overreacting iq 1/10

  68. Sniry says

    This teacher is the one did not understand what the child’s point, as a teacher she should know we have different perspective depends on who brought up, where we grow up,family and community.
    The answer of this child,for me , is right. Because it’s the child perspective,on the community or family he used to leave with.

  69. S says

    This teacher is the one did not understand what the child’s point, as a teacher she should know we have different perspective depends on who brought up, where we grow up,family or community.
    The answer of this child,for me , is right. Because it’s the child perspective,on the community or family he used to leave with.

  70. Amjed Ali says

    Before making any comment it’s important to know the psychology of the student,specially the socio-cultural background “she” belongs to. Still I strongly feel it is she from the first point that she made “you are big woman…..”. It’s natural that one reflects one’s own view spontaneously. So she does. And secondly if I talk about India, its very common that parents shouts at their children to get married. If we take these two points for granted we can say her observation is quite right. Being an Indian I got to say she should get appraisal for her answer because of her observation power and she has said to her heart not anything copying from the book.

  71. Xyz says

    Why is this need to study in social i don’t know which class is this… Rubbish.. this must be a fake report just to make a viral news

  72. Stella ifeoma Okeke says

    Did you say rubbish anyways is your opinion, nevertheless we ease tension in deferent ways and this is one of it,

  73. Onye says

    This is an old gist na like 4 years ago

  74. SuPras says

    Demand for Re-Evaluation

  75. SuPras says

    Demand for Re- Evaluation

  76. Mirabel says

    This student’s answer is obviously her experience, and we can’t fault her for her answer (it shows we learn more from what we see around us than from a whiteboard and marker)
    Unfortunately, we have too many unqualified people who think marriage is all about two adults coming together to live as one. No commitment, no sacrifice.
    It shows our faulty educational systems as passed down by the West to desensitize and destroy the meaning and beauty of marriage and other blessings through media, entertainment, education…
    But marriage isn’t a social construct, it’s a covenant designed by God for a specie that were once joined together (same spirit) but separated for functionality and companionship. Different but members of the same body. So when we have people (including Christians) who have been brainwashed with the world’s definitions and narratives, we move farther from God and Truth and yet we wonder why we are so depressed, unhappy, unfulfilled, hateful.
    Marriage works, it shapes us and makes us better people, better equipped to live life to it’s fullest. Is it a bed of roses? evidently not or the divorce statistics won’t be so high. It’s work, it’s destiny, it’s Kingdom. And it seems so difficult because we don’t realize that when God does the joining, He does it because He wants to shape and mould His children into better people who carry His love, wisdom, power and gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth.
    Work now while it is yet day, for a time comes quickly when no man can work and every deed will be judged.
    Where will you stand?
    Jesus loves you and He stands at the door of your heart, knocking and asking you to open. He won’t barge in, but He calls you to answer before time runs out. In Him there’s peace, acceptance, love, forgiveness, healing and deliverance (everything the human soul craves for)
    God bless the reader with understanding.

  77. Fawad says

    Test taker and checker have same writing style… Hence proofed, it was just a joke by someone to portray it as student’s answer…

  78. Shanira says

    This is just done to gain attention. It’s not a student but the same man or woman who has faked it

  79. Helen Aigbokhaode says

    The teacher’s response is very immature. I m kind of decoding the teacher’s marriage (if married) probably erupted from that kind of scenario of the student’s response, hence her anger.
    However, the teacher needs more education on how to handle and react to responses from her students

  80. Dadapeer Kundgol says

    Very innocent, surely he has a elder brother and sister at home. He has just described what he hears at home. Though the description seems out of syallabus it is not wrong. Truly not nonsense

  81. Jim says

    I think the teacher only need to remove the NON and leave the SENSE.

  82. Sibongile Mancama says

    But truth be told there are other Nationalities that do that to their own kids . I personally have experienced it at a tender age being told to get married bcos I can’t be fed .. and u end up relying on man and getting married to a wrong person entirely bcos of pressure.. so what the child wrote might not have been the best answer for the teacher yes I understand but if u re read the answer u get where he’s coming from ..

  83. Mohammad Manjoo says

    I like the way the child has answered. So innocent, clear and pure. Teachers should know how to deal with students, especially children. I make an appeal to all teachers to be more a good listener than to deliver and expect all to react equally. Thanks

  84. Yasir Sulaiman ayuba says

    If I’m the teacher I will give him his full Mark,because he defined marriage based on his experiences

  85. Havanyani says

    Agreed, it’s insensitive for the teacher to call the contribution ‘Nonsense’. The pupil is articulating what he/she knows, and what may be the case in some communities.

  86. Elizabeth says

    The student is very innocent. The student gave an honest answer, of define marriage.
    The student could have said marriage is when a boy and a girl start having sex and the parent force them to married, married is when a man and a woman live together and having children or when two men live together.
    This is what is happening in our society/world.
    As an educator that teacher need to apologize to the student and brought before Ontario School Education School.

  87. Daya Wati says

    This is a Robot world….answers only accepted which is defined as in the platform of books…’how mean’ when one speaks its own mind n facts. According to me he should have got full marks.

  88. Emma Prass says

    Hello. What does it mean to mean to have a family? What does it mean nonsense?

  89. Phil says

    And that is why those of you who agreed with that answer, are why society as a whole is fucked up.

  90. Ernmauk says

    This answer from my background in our early 80’s it’s actually correct though that simple explanation,but from today’s generation some teachers are not widen enough.

  91. Jnyaks says

    The student was very correct. I wonder why the teacher wrote such a comment. To me he is the one to be blamed, why should he/she ask students such a Nonsense question then?

  92. Nidhi says

    Who ask such questions at first place to a school kid!

  93. Waqar Haider says

    He’s showing innocent thinking..

  94. Vikrant Chhaya says

    kudos to that student guys. He’s got bolls

  95. Evelyn Weenusk says

    I’ve read the student’s response multiple times. There’s no “nonsense ” within the response. I see an innocent student’s truth which this so-called “teacher” could not handle. I question whether this “teacher” is trying to put their own nonsense beliefs into the child’s class of innocent minds. As a parent, I would remove my child from this teacher’s further corruption and emotional abuse.
    I am an educator within my profession and I find that children are so innocent, their minds are so open and honest. I give this student 10/10.
    I recommend that the school’s board and PTA call in this teacher to be accountable, to explain honestly what is “nonsense ” about this student’s response.

  96. Segun says

    The definition is practical. The student answer should be reevaluated, he cannot score zero. The student is being very honest.

  97. Uno says

    The kids definition of marriage is not annoying at all.teacher should be more flexible.remember we have a saying kid is a kid

  98. Binkie C Abadier says

    I guess that the teacher should take the answer of the Child as correct not nonsense since the teacher was asking what’s the meaning of Marriage, and probably that what’s the child’s observation about his family

  99. amos says

    the student is absolutely correct

  100. Tata says

    If you got married that your parents didn’t tell you to do so then you were not easy

  101. Raja says

    This teacher mind is set to follow the narrow text book way of definition.
    But the Child mind is open and practical.
    Sure this child will reach new heights in life

  102. David says

    this is the student perspective on marriage as what the question is all about. He’s/she’s trying to explain his understanding of what marriage is. what’s wrong with that…the teacher should not be sceptical on the answer because it’s a subjective questions…not, there’s various types of understanding to that type of questions….the teacher should grow up….

  103. B says

    Are teachers allowed to swore at children?
    I mean “f***”, sorry I meant “nonsense”.

  104. John says

    This definition is as clear as day coming from the perspective of a young person my problem is how can a teacher score her zero even though she made all this point, nan,woman, living together as one ,and making children by doing nonsense, obviously the teacher doesn’t recognise brilliance in a unique way.

  105. Maryann says

    Well i just noticed were being fooled by that student. Look at how the letters of words “Nonsense” and the answers of the student are written. You see both have the same penmanships. You know its so easy to create like that. And i dont believe that a teacher would react thay way to the student.

  106. Paul Mwilu says

    That teacher should go to a Psychology class, he’s so boring and rigid .. Infact… he’s the nonsense.

  107. Olumicoye says

    Correct pikin

  108. B says

    Can commentators please learn adequate grammar ? Thanks 🙂

  109. Lucas says

    I think the teacher should be emic not etic on the pupil’s point of view

  110. Mohammed Farook says

    Pretty much what defines meaning of a marriage, unfortunately the real meaning has been change to fit the most stupidest reason in current times. Every individual knows the fact that without the opposite sex there is no marriage or no child either in human or animal kingdom. If one is anything else other than straight, fair enough don’t call it a marriage.

  111. Iveta says

    Lol looks like teacher was triggered, maybe she must look deeper in herself. The child was just honest lol

  112. Muhammad Umair Liaqat says

    In my opinion, the child has given the correct answer as it happens in the society in which he lives And the teacher shouldn’t say that (nonsense)

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