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Siddhi Binayak Pitha of Rangeilunda gets crowded during Lord Ganesh puja

Ganjam: The Lord Ganesh pitha near Panchama village in Ganjam of Odisha receives huge crowd during Lord Ganesh puja. Known as Siddhi Binayak Pitha the temple is situated near Panchama village under Randa Panchayat in Rangeilunda block of the district. Situated amid a natural environment this place also bear historical importance. The Salagram of Lord Ganesha is present here under a sacred fig (Pipal) tree.

Devotees not only from different places of the State as well as from other states visit here.

From Randa chowk on NH 16 that connects Berhampur and Andhra Pradesh one can visit Siddhi Vinayak pitha. On the way to the temple at the level crossing you need to wait for some time if a train is passing. Besides, on the way to the temple there is ample scene of greenery in both sides of the road.

Another significance of the temple is that Lord Ganesha of this place is the prime deity of the Dera community. And hence many people from the Somapentha of Andhra Pradesh visit here to tonsure their kids’s head which is considered auspicious. As per the devotees this tradition is being performed here since long.

It is said this place is very old and the God was getting worshipped here in a small house since long days. Later a house was made with tin. Now a concrete house has been made. However, a tree has grown along the roof. Lord Ganesha has set here under the Pipal tree.

It is said Gajapati Purusottama Ananga Bhima Dev had stopped at this place during his return from Kanchi Abhiyan. Many legends are heard about origin of this temple.

As per legends Gajapati Purusottam Ananga Bhima Dev had been defeated several times by the Kanchi ruler. Later, by the grace of Lord Jagannath, and after his general Govinda Bhanja appesed Lord Ganesha and Goddess Tarini, the Puri King won the war. When he was returning the Lord Ganesha was at this place. And Goddess Tarini remained in Salua bana of Ghatagan.

The Ganesh statue has faced west. In every 12 years the naba kalebara of the God takes place here. Earlier devotees were practising ‘guharia’ here to attain salvation by the grace of the God. However, that has been stopped now. With government help, some developmental works have been initiated.

The locals have demanded that the development of this temple should also be at par with the development that is being done for other big temples of the State.

Though everyday devotees visit here, on Sankranti days the place witnesses more crowd. And a fair gets organised here during Ganesh puja where thousands of people gather. This year it is expected that more number  of devotees will come as the celebration was stopped for the last two years due to covid.

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